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    Although auditing and the levels are important and of benefit to all, our future actually lies, not so much in Auditing as in Training. The current scenario is that it is likely most of us will get up the bridge, be at least clear if not OT at one level or another. But how many of us will be trained?

    Of course we have all been OT before. It has been said that we fell from grace. And how does an OT fall from grace? Well Ron has pointed out that previously experience was lacking with a OT in his original state.. Now Ron has also stated that:

    (HCO PL 23 July 1972).

    He also pointed out a law:

    (HCO PL 29 July 1971).

    Hatted or trained people can hold their position in space, have more certainty and are les prone to being keyed in. It would seem that this was not known and an omitted step but one which we can now remedy by becoming hatted and trained on life.

    Ron has additionally continually stated that 50% of the gains in scientology comes from training (emphasis added). An untrained Clear can get confused and keyed in. Why? Lack of knowledge of what is going on around him. He may be a happy go lucky thetan but can easily deteriorate and fall into a trap again. A further demonstration of the importance of hatting, training and control of ones space and life. It is vital therefore if one wants a future to come back to, that one should have the technology under one's belt, hood, bonnet or whatever before one leaves this lifetime! One's future depends on it! Only a prize fool makes the same mistake twice!

    In addition for the sake of the planet and of the millions scratching around ... Consider, if everyone on the planet suddenly turned around and wanted to go Clear, how would it be done? Even if all the auditors in the Church (those that are left) were utilised as well as the Field, across the lands, from the US to Russia, from the UK to Australia, Africa and Europe and even South America, there would be no where near enough auditors to make a dent in society. In fact, as the CofS is dramatising a massive can't have on auditors by pricing the course out of reach and using GAT as a stop by dramatising 'have before do', they can be written off and the future of the planet lies solely with what WE do here and now in the Freezone and from this point on to get people trained in life and as auditors.

    It is possible to get trained in the Freezone and on the original technology as developed by Ron Hubbard.

    It is the right of every individual to be able to follow and practice their philosophy, including studying the tenets and have some understanding of their spirituality and also to practice the exercises and activities that lead to an increase understanding of life and livingness.

    Ron has said that he knows of no man that has a monopoly on the Spiritual Freedom of man and we well know what freedom he was talking about. In point of fact a monopoly on the freedom of man, spiritual or otherwise, would constitute a suppression since no man requires the permission of another to BE.

    The first steps to that the freedom are study and training. In fact the prerequisite to any auditing is some training, even if only a Dianetics or Scientology C/S 1* so the pc knows that is happening and what to expect and how to be a pc. And if one wants toi move up the OT levels then training is a must.

    Given the determination, it is entirely possible for anyone to train and audit in the Field. All it takes are two people, some materials and some space, as a minimum.

    Small steps are the secret. Someone once asked the questions, "How do you eat an elephant?" Apart from the environmental issues, and the considerations of the elephant, the answer is, "one bite at a time."

    Setting up training centres around the world does not mean that fully fledged large academies suddenly spring up out of the desert with supervisors, long course rooms, a full tape and book library and word clearers sitting patiently to one side.

    It is grass roots. A living room here. A kitchen there, some well used course packs and a couple or few people. Doing TRs, basic courses, co-auditing book one or Level 0.

    It is called ... A Start.

    We have made a start by introducing the Great Training Project. This project will contribute to the Purposes of the IFA to get Ron's Original Technology known and applied.

    Now, there is absolutely NO reason why *anyone* could not start a training centre.

    The APIS has a Qual and a Senior Class VIII C/S for any queries. There is a tech line already set up for technical queries for auditors and also one can send in tapes, videos, you name it, for guidance and verification etc.

    And, as a last port of call, we have a Class XII Keeper of Tech!

    There are no stops to training. Even if you have a one bedroom flat, no money and live in the middle of nowhere, You can get a friend, share a book and start! No considerations about must before do. Just do the do!

    Lets revitalize training! I am sure we have all had a desire to train somewhere along the line. If one is not doing it, now is the time to reignite that desire and start. Take advantage of the 50% of gains in scientology.

    There are thousands of highly trained Auditors and C/S's in the Field. By the Field I mean all those Scientologists OUTSIDE of the CofS. In fact when you consider all the people who have been booted out, left, dropped off lines, been introduced to the tech etc, I would say there are actually MORE trained scientologists OUTSIDE of the Church than in. That would make the Field BIGGER than the CofS. Just not organised! We need to rally these people and get them active.

    We need to get those highly trained auditors and C/S's that are out in the world doing something else to eek out a living to keep the body alive? How does it seem to them to have this priceless technology AND the ability to deliver it and free beings, and yet have to work some office in front of a soulless computer or diner somewhere to make enough money to care for the body? What does that do to their self integrity? Yes of course one does have to earn money and live. Part of the Dynamics. But a Class IV, VI,VIII or XII auditor and c/s who is not using the abilities is as if he or she did not have those abilities. An ability not used will deteriorate. Someone once said there are no failed scientologists, only failed purposes. With their purpose revived all the stops would blow and with training and auditing centres around the world these people could enhance and hone tune their abilities, make more clears and OTs, pass on and impart their experience and train people up so their numbers increase.

    Did you ever have a purpose or desire to do the briefing course or the Class VIII course? It is surprising how people did (I did). Where can one go to do this vital training that will save the race without paying vast gobs of money? It will not take just a few select highly trained individuals. It will take LOTS to handle this planet. Ron is right. We ARE playing a serious game here.

    More academies are needed in the Field. More trained Class Auditors and C/S's**.

    Training is the route to our future. It is the insurance that we will have a future. The more people who are trained, the saner the planet will become and the more assured our future will be.

    Let's get a new Renaissance started! A New Revitalization of training started!

    How about you. Are you IN?


    *Dianetic or Scientology C/S 1. The first action anyone gets in formal auditing to ensure they understand the activity of auditing and the terms and words used in auditing.

    **C/S means Case Supervisor. a highly trained person who is an expert in the case analysis of a person being audited and directs the auditor what to audit with that person.

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