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  • Southern California Tech Team - Training Successes

    Southern California Tech Team The data on this course is usually omitted on many training checksheets. It gets the student to see how simple and how much fun auditing is. The student learns and does drills on the fundamentals that are the key to all sessions whether it is Dianetics, the Grades or the OT levels. It is 100% LRH and is delivered only in our course rooms.

    "There are fundamentals about auditing below the level of auditing which are more important than auditing."
    The Game of OT Exteriorization & Havingness, Lectures "The Fundamentals of Auditing 1 Dec 1955

    "It's the little things that make Scientology work, not the big crashing reasons why the preclear's mind isn't perfect."
    The Workability of Scientology The Auditor, May 1964

    Training Success Stories

    "This course made me realize how much it really is up to the auditor to make a session go right. It got me really excited to audit.It showed me how simple auditing really is and how magical!It was an extremely powerful and a very valuable course.The information is a must for any auditor. S. W."

    "This course was not just fantastic: it was eye opening. The basics or fundamentals that were rarely if ever addressed by the Co$ are all included in this course and explained along with "le raison d'etre" (the reason for it).It filled a large hole in my training. I thought the fundamentals were ARC and the comm cycle and saying the commands correctly but they are so much more - and have nothing to do with the commands. This explains the basics of auditing like nothing else I have seen. Kudos! G. B. (Class IV auditor)"

    The Rudiments Course

    This course corrects the false data that many people got trained on in the Church. It teaches the student that ruds aren't done rotely and that they are easy to run. It is 100% LRH and was created to handle the trouble auditors and solo auditors were found to be having in session.

    "No session …has any value if run with the rudiments out. To make sessions have value, keep the rudiments in.
    HCOB 14 DEC 1961 Rudiments Modernized

    "You have to be able to say, 'Upset? Is there an upset with communication?' You know? or, 'An upset with your affections for people?', or, you got to know what you're doing so you can talk it. That isn't driving you off the line of standard tech."
    Class VIII Tape 2 What Standard Tech Is

    "Don't run a case by rudiments. The reason you use and clean rudiments is to get the pc in session so you can have the pc 1) In communication with the auditor and 2) Interested in own case.
    The purpose of rudiments is to set up a case to run, not to run a case."
    HCOB 19 May 1961 Assessment Data

    The Ruds course is well designed and really gets right down to the nitty gritty without it being complicated. But what I especially liked was I finally got a cog as to the "nowness" of ruds.

    "In all my training through Class IV in the church I never knew that and I definitely did not let my pcs know that it was now that mattered. Wow! Unreal, and I never realized that in my own auditing as a pc. It had gotten so I didn't like ruds - they were scary (scary as an auditor also - felt something was wrong but didn't know what). Also, the final drill was fantastic!!! I got off a whole bunch of false data right in the drill. Yeow! Zounds! Fantastic! Thanks.
    M. C.

    New Era Dianetics Course

    Dianetics has been sabotaged on both sides of the Grade Chart by the Church. Per LRH a student should train on Dianetics before Scientology and pcs should be audited on Dianetics before the grades. It is an omitted training step that has caused many solo auditors to have trouble on the OT levels.

    This course has been reformatted in our course rooms. Some earlier checksheets did not have the proper sequence of materials, did not define all terms fully and had too much omitted data. Our NED Course is producing auditors that are getting great results on their pcs and is giving solo auditors the missing tools to audit the OT levels standardly. It is 100% LRH.

    "For some years it has not been appreciated fully that the ability to do DIANETIC AUDITING is the true fundamental background of a Scientology auditor."

    "When one can handle Dianetics so as to make people well and happy, one can then begin to think of and work on the higher aspects of Scientology."

    "Any Scientology failures are totally owing to the auditor not learning his Dianetics in the first place."

    "Applying Grade Processing the Scientology auditor has already skipped a grade - a well human being."
    Fundamental Auditing HCOB 6 April 1969

    "Therefore it is vital that an auditor be a proven result-getting New Era Dianetics auditor before any result can be expected of him in his/her Scientology auditing."
    HCOB 15 Nov 1969R Issue I Revised 27 July 1978 Case Supervision Auditing and Results

    "A Class VIII has an HDC requisite. If they can't cleanly audit pure Dianetics to a result, they'll never be able to audit Scientology. We learned in 1969 that the Class VIII failures were due to HDC inabilities!"
    HCOB 23 Dec 1970 Fast Courses

    "And a pc who is unflat on Dianetics will have out lower grades."
    HCOB 12 June 1970 C/S Series 2

    Success Stories

    "Wow! I just returned from the best training experience I have ever had. I went to a new training facility on the west coast that is being run by some highly trained, very, very experienced techies-auditors and c/ses. They run a first class training facility. And, the tech is being delivered standardly in the correct order as LRH directed-with NED being the entry point to both auditing and the Bridge.

    When I left the Class V org where I had done my training (upon learning that the CofS was a true squirrel group) I was very afraid that I would never finish my training and never get my Bridge or even my NED. Then I found this group and my co-auditor and I are now on our way.

    I told the guys at the training facility that we could take a month out of our schedules to arrive on course, to study and drill with the idea of auditing NED standardly by the time we left. The final product was to be able to deliver NED standardly at the end of the month. AND THIS TRAINING FACILITY DELIVERED!!! No extensions. No it takes as long as it takes. The training was delivered by some highly trained, very, very experienced techies-auditors and c/ses-and they made sure we got it in that time with a lot of THETA, laughing, and all out fun.

    What a difference this was from the experiences my daughter and I had training as members of the TTC. We had fun-loads of fun as we drilled, read bulletins, asked questions and shared realizations about training and auditing. We laughed. Training was pleasant. We didn't worry about making mistakes-correction was pleasant. Our Instructs/Pink Sheets did not feel like punishment or cramming, but rather opportunities to sit down with experienced auditors to see where and why we had gone wrong and to then reread or read a new bulletin and drill under their guidance.

    When we first arrived on course, we spent two weeks doing three mini courses that set us up for auditing. I can say that those mini courses were well worth the time. They covered the fundamentals of auditing in a way the church does not. They got the fundamentals in without the roteness that develops from doing the GOLDEN AGE OF TECH drills which are OUT-TECH. NO ROTENESS here. Then we did our final NED Drills. And within 2 ½ weeks of arriving, we were auditing. We were in the chair doing it-auditing NED, with one of those highly trained techies sitting right there beside each of us as we audited the other, handing the auditor notes, guiding each of us through our sessions, almost like helping support a child in water while he learns to swim. By the time we left, we were on our own and auditing well. Both of us had great wins-both as auditors and PCs. It was fantastic to sit in the chair as the auditor in front of the meter and watch the charge coming off. And it was great to be on the other side as a trained PC and get rid of the charge. This is the way training was meant to be. And it was fantastic, soooo, different from being in training in the course room at the org.

    I also understand now why one really learns to audit on NED. We both had to handle the bank and many of the manifestations of the bank while running NED on each other. We watched TA go up and down, way up and down, and really move in a way I never saw the TA move doing my student auditing on the Grades.

    I saw my track open up running NED and found that the reason for some of the incredible charge I have had really came from way back on the track. I saw my co-auditor get rid of incredible amounts of charge just doing Narrative R3RA Quad.

    This is a fantastic place to train. We studied and audited out under the trees overlooking a wonderful valley with a breeze playing across our bodies, tables, etc. The other students were theta-some also at the beginning of their training on NED and some getting ready to do solo auditing. These guys handle it all-from CCHs all the way up through the OT Levels. My co-auditor and I are on our way and intend on doing many, many hours on many chains on NED, but hope to do our Grades and then our OT Levels with these guys. IT WAS THE BEST TRAINING EXPERIENCE EITHER OF US HAS EVER HAD." G. S.

    "Wow! I can erase charge!

    I can help someone become a happy and healthy human being, and begin them on their road up the Bridge. I feel by being a NED auditor that I can really contribute to my fellow man!

    Thank to my supervisor for all the drilling, for all the Pinksheets, for not putting up for anything unbecoming to an auditor, for all the help and advice, and for knowing I could do it.

    Thanks to the tech team for the marvelous checksheet and pack! For putting so much attention into every step, for gathering together so many valuable references, and for really intending the result of all this work to make Standard Dianetic auditors.

    Thanks to my twin, for making it possible for me to devote my time to learning the materials, and drilling them. And for being such an awesome twin!

    And thank you all for making it fun!

    Thank you Ron, for the technology that gives us the opportunity to go free, and offers us the honor of freeing others. S. W."

    "I've noticed, since doing the 1st tape on the PRD, that I've been finding it easier to participate in life, and enjoy it.

    My confront has gone up on many things, but one of the most notable for me is Study.

    I find TRs infinitely easier and much more enjoyable! I can hold a position comfortably confronting, actually confronting another being! Whereas before, I felt I was being tortured and could only wonder when someone would end it, now I enjoy the other person's company, and just plain ol' feel real good about being there! Before I would not participate in the TRs, now I enjoy them, and they are not an effort.

    I've also noticed I've gained back my ability to learn. I don't balk at looking things up, I welcome it. I've been enjoying learning the tech for what seems to me like the first time or if I ever did have fun learning it - it was never like this. I comprehend it so much more now. I get it! I get concepts, and think with how I'm going to apply it more.

    I feel like I've unleashed something, and am becoming a more able student and person, day by day.

    I love learning now, and really feel I can learn. I'm reaching out to learn more. Things I shunned as efforty and painful before, now look like fun! Like art, writing, even school like getting my High School Equivalency Diploma sounds like a game and something I would do as a pure hobby!

    Wow! This is only after one tape!

    Thank you Ron. I wish I could really communicate the indebtedness, respect, and honor I feel for the wealth of freedom through knowledge I have received, and am going to receive, as I continue with the PRD, and as I go up the Bridge, on both sides, and learn more about myself, life, and my fellow man, and as I help others to do the same." S. W.
    (PRD student after completing the first study tape)

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