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  • Southern California Tech Team - Auditing Successes

    OT I Successes

    "I'm in my own universe and my ARC for others is so high that I can see the truth of what they're stuck in. I've been fighting with myself - now I see it's been me opposing me. The things that stuck to me are releasing and it's been my agreements that kept them there. Before OT I I didn't have a universe of my own - I was in a "Funhouse." It's wonderful to have my own view again. Thank you Ron!" B.B

    . "Incredible!
    I've been using people as anchor points and it all blew away. Everyone is trying in some way to attract attention and be accepted. They are becoming anchor points and this holds them together in a trap. Like lemmings going off a cliff in Dover. Wow, huge masses have blown off me on OT I and I just feel fine about being myself. All of a sudden my ARC for everyone went out the roof. I saw that I could only have affinity for all those beings. On this level I saw more and more of what a thetan is stuck in. It gave me a new look at people, gave me compassion and made me stronger. These processes are amazing! Love." H.T.

    OT II Successes

    "OT II kind of snuck up on me and I started to notice changes in my awareness level. As I move through all the OT levels (Ron's incremental introduction to ourselves) I am continually amazed. I have now gone past who I am and now it's what can I do. This level was a real eye-opener and removed so much charge. I'm so much freer now. Thanks so much to Ron and my C/S and my wife and friends who helped me to get here. I salute you all." Love, T. R.

    "I've had such Incredible gains in the last few months - I'm enjoying everything. Things are looking crystal clear and I feel I'm making leaps and bounds. I'm not the effect anymore. I now know how to use the tech and feel more at cause. When you know this tech you get invincible. I As-Is things so much quicker now. I'm really getting to the real me. Everyone on this planet has gone through this stuff and I had been ignorant of it. It's so good to be free of this now. OT II was just incredible! Thanks Ron!" ARC, B.M.

    "I feel fantastic and have for a while now. About 2 weeks ago I had a giant line charge in session. I felt so good and I haven't had any charge since then. Something changed. The charge that had affected me and made me small just wasn't there anymore. Yesterday I was just laughing - I don't think I'll be serious again. Life is going better than it ever has. Love." S. D.

    OT III Successes

    "This is truly the most amazing data I have ever seen. It explains so much of life and what is happening on this planet. The training on this level that I received was superb and now I really understand the tech of OT III. The course was so much fun and I became a much better auditor.

    The freedom and abilities I'm experiencing on OT III is what I was looking for - for a very, very long time. LRH is amazing! Thank you all." J. R.

    "One of the main things I marveled at after I completed OT III was everything I did was simpler, far less complicated. I was working as an auditor, and my sessions on pcs (after OT III) were so effortless - compared to before OT III. As a being I simply perceived and knew what to do with the pc. It was so simple. I was awestruck by the ease with which I audited my pcs. It is an unending revelation for me." G.G.

    NOTs Repair Program

    "This Progress Program got me back on the Bridge receiving auditing again after I had been off for 25 years. I never thought that I would get more auditing this lifetime. I am not sure which lifetime I thought I would get back on auditing, but certainly this lifetime seems like the best bet.

    By doing this action I found myself again. I was never really missing, but I was lost. My case is very real to me but now I know that I am not my case, and I am that much stronger to face it. I realize under it all it's always been me and I've been looking for me for so long.

    My sincere thanks to my auditor for being there and doing what he loves to do - apply 100 % standard tech. This auditing has helped me to realize who I am and I am very grateful." T. P.

    Audited NOTs Successes

    "I've been having wins all through this auditing. In one part of the NOTs program I kept going exterior and getting blown out by it. I noticed I am much more there and felt a calmness I had never experienced before. After all I had been through in my earlier auditing I'm seeing a steady progress of OT wins. This is an amazing level and I want to thank my auditor and C/S and give my love to LRH."Sincerely, J. M. "Here is a success story on one of my NOTs sessions. Lately in my sessions I have felt a pervasive calmness and centerness, 'I' am really in present time and right there. Walking down the street to my car after session, I stopped and saw this magnificent universe around me in its all its aesthetics. I saw the universe as a beautiful artistic puzzle, how life intertwines with itself in a game of magical rhythms and flows. This is one beautiful universe, and I felt, contrary to Buddhist thinking, that life is not just suffering, but joyous and magical. And I understood how beings could ascribe causation of this universe to some other God, because it is such a magnificent creation. I feel honored to be here, to be participating, and to be regaining some of the joy inherent in this game we call the MEST universe." Thanks G. R

    "I feel like I cheated life on this level. Everything became so easy. There is no effort on any of my dynamics and my business is flourishing, my family is flourishing and so am I. The auditing I received was just wonderful - pure LRH. I now understand all those stories I heard years ago about the freedom a being attains on NOTS. Thanks so much to LRH. And thanks to my auditor and C/S." Love, T. L.

    "My first origination to a friend was -- "Why did I wait so long to get my NOTS auditing?" The gains were so permanent and vast -- that I kicked myself for not getting this particular piece of OT case handled immediately after I finished OT III. The main win for me was that all the attention points that were stuck in on the body (ills, worries, somatics and more) were totally gone. My attention went fully out and this was exhilarating. A somatic would start to appear, and whoosh! it was gone. No force behind it. This was a level that handled exactly what I as an individual being was stuck in. Utterly Fantastic! Thank you Ron." J. A.

    "The auditing continues to go very well. I got a wild story for you.
    Wednesday I'm in session at the usual time, pokin' around for something to run. Attention goes to my brother Dave ... and there I perceived NOTS case in his space. The thing is, Dave's out for a bike ride. Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! my Needle is diving off the pin. TA going nuts. Charge blowing off like dandelion seeds in a gust of wind. Later that day, Dave's comm goes way up. Next day he comes downstairs with his eyes bugging out of his head. He had just received an out-of-nowhere call from his X-wife. They'd been out of comm for a long time. ARCX of Long Duration. They'd had a long conversation and a big piece of some nasty thing had just gone poof for him. He's blown out and in an obvious state of release from whatever it was. The way he characterized it, it was magical. He then starts originating on forgiveness and honesty and clean hands making a happy life. I've never heard originations like this from him. (He just doesn't originate much normally.) He's more VGI's then I've ever seen him. His face has smoothed out. Magic, all right." M. W.

    "I had a remarkable session this morning. Probably the best ever. I had to tell you about it. Just 7 minutes, 5.6 TA divs total. TA pumping up and down like crazy, BD/Charge Blown after BD/Charge Blown. Tons coming off like mad at a mere glance. Big wide F/N at session end. Exactly zero residual restim. I'm walking on air (well, just now, actually sitting on air.) What a session! Thank you!" J. P.

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