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    As part of the promotion of Lafayette Ron Hubbard's workable applied philosophy APIS announces the Links & Website Project.

    The purpose of this is to:

    Promote the exact technology and original workable philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard so it may be known by all mankind

    In this case, making the Freezone easy to find for people. And one of the prime ways of making one self easy to find and known is to increase the rankings in the various search engines.

    The object of the game here is to get on or as close to the first page presented in a search engine when someone enters the subject they are looking for.

    If someone goes to Google, the most popular and used search engine, and types in Scientology for example. What do they get?

    Apart from the odd one or two isolated sites they will get a proliferation of Church of Scientology sites. Mostly because the Chuch has instituted a campaign to have as many people put up a 'personal scientology web page' as possible all following the same format, each promoting the Church of Scientology with a link to the Church's site.

    The C of S then has discovered one of the prime ways a search engine ranks a site.

    There are some carefully guarded methods Google and others use to rank pages but in the main it can be summed up as follows.


    Now this may or may not be totally accurate but it is workable to a large degree.

    Meta words (Hidden words on a web page - can be found by right clicking your mouse on a web page and selecting 'view source', which will show you how the page is constructed) used to be the prime method use by search egines (such as google, alta vista etc) but these are no longer the sole method of grading web pages. However, these days search engines tend to list in ranking order judging by the number of links TO a web site. If, for example you are selling thingamajigs and have 50 links TO your web site and 'Joe, who also sells thingamajigs only has 10 links to his web site, then you will rank higher, or closer, to the first page for anyone looking up thinaamajigs.

    By INCREASING the number of field websites AND increasing the links between all the Field web sites, we can increase the presence of the independent field with the major search engines and therefore our presence through the main medium which people use these days to find Scientology on the web.

    This is where APIS Links & Website Project comes in.

    I would like to encourage you to:

    Increase the number of field web sites you run and/or control. Below are some links to some hosts that you can use to create simple Field sites for free!

    Increase your links between field websites. If you select links from the left you are welcome to copy the links and incorporate into your web site. If you do this APIS will add your web site to our main links page also.

    Banners are another great linking system. APIS have a selection of banners which one may use to link to APIS. By the same token the APIS are now willing to put up banners of those field sites which practice the Standard Working Applied Philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard on our Links Page.

    Just email us at APIS as soon as you have put up a link or banner to APIS and we will have your link or banner up within 48 hours.

    Although we are individuals and groups, we are still part of the larger group called the Independent Field. The more we work together, the more we can cooperate in an agreement to thrust forward the purpose of our expansion the stronger we will be and the safer our environment will become.

    Participation in this venture can only benefit us all!

    Remember, the more we do here and now the more our future is assured.

    Some links to get you started:


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