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This site is operated by independent scientologists and is neither endorsed by, nor associated or affiliated with the corporate company
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    Ethics Reports and Ethics Chits form an important part of keeping the technology standard and clean.

    It is important that, as part of the purpose of preserving and protecting the technology, that we put into place an alert system to bring attention to any outnesses that may occur. This should be done sanely and in a manner that brooks no Human emotion and reaction and does not incur the accusatioj of 'third party' simply because a knowledge report is written.

    It is important that knowledge reports are written correctly and processed in the correct manner. This includes that the person upon whom the report is written should, in all justice, receive a copy of that report from the originator.

    Here are a couple of important fair use quotes by L Ron hubbard that emphasises that point.

    "It is a despatch form addressed simply to the Ethics Section. It is
    dated. It has under the address and in the centre of the page the
    person or portion of the org's name. It then states what kind of a
    report it is."

    "The original goes to Ethics by drawing an arrow pointing to "Ethics"
    and the carbon goes to the person or portion of the org being reported
    on by channels (B routing)."

    "These reports are filed by Ethics in the Ethics files in the staff
    member's folder or in the folder of the portion of the org. A folder
    is only made if Ethics receives an Ethics Report."

    HCO PL 1 MAY 1965

    "If anyone receives an Ethics Chit, he or she should first take a good
    look at his or her actions and see what needs to be done in order to
    avoid a repetition of the offence."

    "If, however, after careful consideration they consider the chit really
    unjustified, they should politely despatch the Ethics Officer, stating
    the chit to be withdrawn."


    The IFA will therefore only accept reports on individuals which have fully complied with the above quotes.

    This includes postings on discussion forums or lists or any communication sent to any IFA staff person or in any IFA discussion list.

    To encourage a proper process and avoid a potential third party situation the following form is offered for any knowledge reports considered warranted.

    This form includes provision for the person or group upon whom the report is being written to receive a copy of this report. Therefore the persons email address should be included. If the form cannot be delivered to that person by reason of an incorrect or fake email address the report will not be filed or acted upon but will be deleted. so, in writing out a report one should ensure that one has a correct and valid email address of the person or group concerned.

    Therefore, the IFA will only accept knowldge reports, ethics reports and ethics chits submitted through this form.

    Information should be clearly written, factual and contain time place form and event.
    Reports that are generalisations, illegible, critical or nattery will be deleted.

    Reference: Scientology Axiom 38:

    Form being prepared

    email address
    repeatemail address

    Report to go to
    IFA Ethics Dept
    Name of individual or group
    email address to forward to
    repeat email address

    Report type
    Data field

    Turing Sys

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