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    Field auditors are the pioneers of Ron's technology. The forward thrust you might say to bring the technology to the fore in people's minds. Field auditors are those with their sleeves rolled up getting out there, helping people, moving people up to more spiritual awareness and making Ron's technology known.

    In the Professional Auditors Bulletin of 21st April 1957, Ron said that Field Auditors have rights.

    Of course this applies to the independent practitioners known as Independent Field Auditors.

    Among these rights are:

    The right to his own group

    To the loyalty of the people of his group

    To send any of his group to a central organization for training, coaching or special processing and have them returned with their group loyalty and attachment undisturbed

    To express his needs and desires for co-operation to a central organization, other groups or auditors without fear of retribution or reprimand

    To respect for his training and experience

    To respect for his certificates

    To have and to hold his certificates without cancellation by anyone forever

    To communicate scientology and to bring about a civilization for mankind."

    Most of the independent practitioners of Ron's standard technology in the field are called Field Auditors.

    These are the auditors we need to support. We can do this by:

    1. Recognising the rights of the Field Auditor

    2. Supporting the rights of the Field Auditor

    3. Acknowledging the past training and experience of the Field Auditor

    4. Never disparaging the Field Auditor or participating in the disparagement of any Freezone Field Auditor, whether an IFA member or not.

    5. provide a safe line for Field Auditors to communicate to the IFA

    6. Assist the Field Auditor where possible, freely and with out recompense, any assistance with past training and experience with training, coaching and ancilliary services to assist them to deliver the quality of standard tech.

    7. Offering the Field Auditor where possible, freely and without recompense, such assistance as the IFA is able to give to enhance their knowledge and application.

    8. Assist and support the Field Auditor where possible, freely and without recompense, in the maintainence of his or her integrity despite any counter intentions and travails of life by making quality and technical services available as needed.

    9. Promote The Field Auditor as the true vanguard of scientology on this planet.

    One of the purposes of the APIS is to promote the exact technology of Lafayette Ron Hubbard. We can go along way to acomplishing that by giving the Field Auditor the support he or she deserves as above and assist them to remain on track dispite the distractions and counter intentions that prevail in life.

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