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The Association of Professional Independent Scientologists is a non-profit association
dedicated to the promotion and practice of the original philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

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This site is operated by independent scientologists and is neither endorsed by, nor associated or affiliated with the corporate company
known as the Church of Spiritual Technology or its companies and churches such as the Religious Technology Centre,
Church of Scientology International, or any of its affiliates, corporations, management organisations and groups.

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    Here are a few definitions of some words found on this web site. If you find any words not included in this list and you think they should be please submit them through the contacts page

    A group of people organized for some common purpose

    A person who assists another to improve their quality of life by guiding them through a set series of predefined steps that result in a specific spiritual awareness gained.

    The activity which an auditor and pc participate in which is designed to improve a persons quality of life and spiritual awareness. this is done by the Auditor giving a specific set of instructions which the Preclear (person being audited) follows to achieve a predefined result.

    Bona Fide
    Genuine, without fraud.
    (Latin = in good faith)

    1. A set of laws or rules
    2. A pre-arranged word or phase representing a message for secrecy
    3. A system of words, letter or symbols used to represent others, especially in order to send messages by machine.
    4. A set of program instructions for use in a computer.

    1. A payment made in return for lose or damage
    2. A counterbalance

    1 : an established law or custom : ORDINANCE
    2 a : the physical makeup of the individual comprising inherited qualities modified by environment b : the structure, composition, physical makeup, or nature of something
    3 : the act of establishing, making, or setting up
    4 : the mode in which a state or society is organized; especially : the manner in which sovereign power is distributed
    5 a : the basic principles and laws of a nation, state, or social group that determine the powers and duties of the government and guarantee certain rights to the people in it
    b : a written instrument embodying the rules of a political or social organization

    The sole legal right to print, publish, perform, film or record a literary or artistic or musical work

    A formal agreement. A contract

    Critique (Fr.)
    A critical essay or review

    Abbreviation for Case Supervisor. That person who outlines the steps an Auditor takes with a preclear to assist that preclear to improve their awareness and control over their life.

    The study of the mind. Refer to the book 'Dianetics the Modern Science of Mental Health', by L.Ron.Hubbard who is the founder of Scientology & Dianetics. Also known as Lafayette Ron Hubbard

    1. To argue, to debate.
    2. To quarrel
    3. To question the truth or validity of
    1. An argument or debate
    2. A quarrel.
    In dispute, being argued about

    Executive Director

    The Justice actions a person takes upon himself. The moral choices a person makes and the study of those.

    To obtain by force or threats or intimidation

    Fold Error Summary'ing. Doing a Folder Error Summary. Going through the preclear folder and noting any and all auditing errors for attention by a c/s.

    Folder Error Summary
    The action of checking a preclears folder for auditing errors with a view to correcting them.

    Flub Catch
    The activity of checking folders in order to catch an error in auditing. Similar to FES

    That area of Scientology outside of the 'official church' consisting of scientology individuals, groups and organisations that practice the applied philosophy of Scientology

    Governing, controlling.

    A number of two or more people in common agreement about something

    (Acronym) Hubbard Communications Office

    (Acronym) HCO Executive Secretary

    (Initials) Lafayette Ron Hubbard


    (Int.) Mary Sue Hubbard. Wife of L Ron Hubbard

    (Acronym) Organizational Executive Secretary

    A person who serves in a responsible position in an organisation, association or group

    Org Board
    Abbreviation. Organisation Board. The formal structure of an organisation or group

    (Acronym) Public Executive Secretary

    (Acronym) Preclear

    1. Planning of an intended procedure
    2. A series of Auditing steps a C/S writes out for an auditor to carry out with a PC

    1 Punctiliousness
    2 minor formality or point of ceremony

    The act of being particular about something. Being scrupulous. Attentive to detail

    1. The quality of being resolute, showing great determination
    2. A mental pledge, something one intends to do
    3. A formal statement of opinion agreed on by a committee or assembly
    4. The solving of a problem or question
    5. The process of separating something or being separated into constituent parts

    A workable applied philosophy developed by Lafayette Ron Hubbard

    1. A symbol or mark which serves to identify the owner of that mark. Trademarks are protected property
    2.Someone's or some company's registered emblem or name used to identify their particular goods, services or product

    (Acronym) Valuable Final Product. That product which is produced by the collective productive activities of a specific group. Usually a part of a large organisation. Parts may have VFPs and also the entire group may have one VFP or more.

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