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    One of the major issues in the Field is the changes made to the original materials of Lafayette Ron Hubbard by the RTC (Religious Technology Center).

    As part of the Tech Research Project we have been making a comparative study of the materials and the changes that have been effected in the works of Lafayette Ron Hubbard since his death.

    It is with concern that we have noted there is a considerable disparity in the materials, in books taped lectures and other works by Hubbard. There are numerous cases of alterised, changed and even omitted technology in many cases from books and tapes.

    Over a period of time some of the examples will be featured here to demonstrate the extent to which such changes have impacted what are regarded as the source materials of the working technology which Ron spent his life developing.

    To start with we have a White Paper from the Tech Research Project Team which gives a comprehensive study of changes made to Lafayette Ron Hubbard taped lectures.

    You can download the white paper here. It is zipped up in pdf format. It is about 12Meg.

    We have plans for further studies and comparisons to be posted in the near future.

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