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  • Roy Selby

    APIS Certified Auditor

    Roy Selby

    Roy Selby is a APIS Certified Grad V Auditor with many years auditing experience from the70s and 80s as well as over the past few years.

    He is currently an active field auditor in the Seattle region.

    Following is Roy's training resume as per Roy.

    "San Francisco Org in 1970 as a HAS (comm course) Supervisor after doing the Mini Course Supervisors' Course. Shortly after completing the Hubbard Professional Course Supervisors' Course and internship, I was Academy Supervisor, then Director of Training for San Francisco Day Org.

    I then spent three years as Tech Sec, during which time I completed the Primary Rundown. I then completed HSDC and Academy Levels 0-4 under our Class IX CS and audited in the Foundation Org for the duration as well as Day Org Tech Sec.

    I also Completed Graduate Class IV CS and Internship. In 1974 I completed the Org Exec Course and Internship at SF, and in October of that year I was sent to the Apollo (Flagship) to train on the Flag Executive Briefing Course and the new Data Series Evaluators' Course, along with an internship in the Flag Bureaux, working with top management.

    My actual interned permanent completions are:

    Grad V, and all actions/courses to that level except NOTs
    FEBC, Permanent
    OEC, Permanent
    DSEC, Permanent.
    HPCSC, Permanent

    Fully Hatted Tech Sec
    Course Supervisor
    OES and ED, permanent

    I also did some other courses, and completed at AOLA, the Original Full OT VII, all prior to 1976."

    Currently Roy is working as a consultant to various Scientology and non Scientology businesses nationwide as well as continuing auditing preclears.

    As well as accepting preclears for auditing, Roy is also open to joining a standard LRH type of group which delivers Scientology Tech the way LRH wrote it and wanted it, as an Auditor.

    Roy has access to a standard technology Class VIII CS for all his preclears.

    If you are interested in his services, you can contact Roy by email at roy4021@fastmail.fm" With the word 'AUDITOR' in the subject field and if you leave a number he will call you.

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