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  • Trey Lotz

    Trey Lotz

    Trey Lotz is an APIS Certified Class VIII Auditor
    with many years auditing experience since the 1970s.

    This entry is a historical account of experiences this person has received when working and or studying in the Church of Scientology and does not imply the delivery of any trademarked or copyright names services so listed.

    Trey Lotz is a spiritual counsellor and any spiritual counselling services offered by him/her are not services of Scientology and Dianetics nor those offered by the Church of Scientology International and the practitioner and are neither endorsed by, nor associated or affiliated with, the corporate company known as the Church of Spiritual Technology or its companies and churches such as the Religious Technology Centre, Church of Scientology International, or any other of its affiliates, corporations management organizations or groups and, in fact disavow any connection with that or any related organization.

    No promises or guarantees are made regarding any spiritual counselling given and no results are implied or guaranteed. The counselling being offered and received is of a spiritual nature only and everything is done on a "best effort basis." Any payment agreed upon and made is solely for compensation for the time of the spiritual guidance counsellor and not for any services or materials rendered.

    The spiritual counselling offered is based on the ideas of various philosophers and thinkers, including Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

    Trey has always had a deep interest in spiritual matters and he already had a Bachelors Degree in philosophy when he discovered scientology in 1968. Trey quickly recognized the brilliance of the technology and within a few months was auditing professionally.

    Trey became a Class VIII within two years, and over the subsequent decades did many tech courses, including three Internships at Flag, two of them under LRH on the ship. This year, 2009, is his 40th anniversary as a full time professional auditor, having delivered 40,000 hours of auditing and counselling over the years.

    Case wise, Trey has done a very thorough Bridge, completing everything up to OT VIII, including all 3 Ls.

    Trey has had a very successful field practice since 1970, a practice which had the best auditing statistics of any field practice in Scientology history. Two years ago he went completely independent and joined the Freezone. He is now trained on the technology of the Ls as well as NOTs. He is now in a position where he can deliver any audited action on the entire bridge, as well as Debugs, Conditions and Admin Scales.

    Trey states:

    "My purpose is to give people an opportunity to do what they came into Scientology to do - fully handle their case and complete their Bridge."

    Many people who have been in the Church, have ended up on the outside with distinctly negative feelings about their experience.

    "In my many years as an auditor, I would quite often recover people who had fallen off of the Bridge. Typically they had mixed feelings about Scientology. That is, they had had good and bad experiences. These good/bad experiences may have occurred regarding their auditing, being on staff, or just as a student.

    I would handle this by doing appropriate correction lists and simple actions such as ruds or an L1C* on charged terminals or charged areas. People would typically get great wins from this, but what was most interesting was that the wins they were getting weren't from the auditing I was doing on them. They were getting the full impact of wins that they had gotten previously in their auditing or training that were obscured and nullified by the charge that they also had associated with it.

    I noticed this subjectively myself at one point when, as a pc, I was asked about every auditor that had audited me, and after an L1C was done on each reading one, I suddenly had lots of case gain that was not apparent previously. Not only that, but it also improved me as an auditor, because I had subjective reality on everything that the auditors had done that had bypassed charge on me, whether I really noticed it at the time or not. Anyone that has been in Scientology for any length of time, anyone who has done some bridge or some training, is smarter and stronger as a result. However, to the extent that the entire experience has been layered over with restimulated charge, these wins will be compromised and not manifesting in life. A few hours of targeted auditing will clean up lots of bypassed charge and restore to you all the positive things that were gained. Whatever your experience with Scientology and the Church, it can be cleaned up to a point where you don't have attention on it anymore.

    You'd be surprised how good that feels."

    Here are just a few of the many success stories routinely obtained from Trey's Preclears.

    The items I came to get handled have been handled to my satisfaction to my delight. It's been years since I had auditing. Trey is a true pro-never missed a read, never a hint of invalidation or evaluation. And, he's real, with a great sense of humor and a love of new ideas. Many thanks to an eternal friend.

    I would like to validate the skill, kindness, lovingness of my auditor Trey Lotz. I came to him with the goal of handling my ongoing problem of being overweight. We located an outside influence which was greatly affecting this problem and handled it in session. Thank you Trey for sharing your excellent skills with me.

    Win on L10
    I saw and cut "puppeteer strings" which, unbeknownst to me, had been misdirecting my lives. I am back in tune with, and moving to, my own rhythmic beat- the same rhythm that my own true group moves to. I feel FREE and very much myself. I really appreciate Trey's unending persistence in making available to me the full benefits of LRH's amazing tech!
    Sunbeam Jackson

    On completing L12
    I now feel very stably exterior with full perception! This action is done fully for YOU. It is probably the most fun I've had in all my years of auditing. It truly is a very personal action that will be quite unique for everyone. Thanks to all!

    Here are some links to a talk Trey gave at the Scientology Freezone Convention in 2009.

    The Admin Scale - Part 1
    The Admin Scale - Part 2
    The Admin Scale - Part 3

    Here is a radio interview Trey gave on the KSW Radio Show. You will need to be a member and sign in and hear the Trey talk. Standard Technology Academy. Membership is free.

    Trey is based in Los Angeles, California, USA. If you are interested in his services, you can contact Trey at trey@relaypoint.net to find out more. Place the word AUDITOR in the subject field

    *Definition L1C: List 1 C. A list used by auditors in session when an upset occurs. Can be ordered by a Case Supervisor also. It handles ARC broken, sad or hopeless Preclears.

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