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    As there have been misunderstandings and false data about the Upper Auditor Classes of Training, here is some information to clarify the situation kindly provided by a Class XII on the issue.



    LRH trained or not has actually nothing to do with one's auditor Class. One can be anything from a Class IV to a Class XII. The courses one has done, not with whom one has done them, determines the Class of auditor.


    The lineup above Class VI is.

    A- Class VII AVAILABLE ONLY TO Sea Org. Delivers Power Processing. The Power Processes were developed in 1965-1966 at St-Hill.

    B- Class VIII's prerequisite is Class VI only. Unless in the Sea Org, A Class VIII cannot train on CLASS VII.

    Class VII was NEVER a PREREQUISTE for Class VIII. Over 90% of all Class VIIIs World Wide are NOT Class VIIs and then only a few of the SO Class VIIIs are also Class VIIs.

    Class IX

    The old Hats (Class IX) was originally developed to audit technology evolved in 1969 to late 1970 prior to Class X. Class VII was never a prerequisite for it.

    So a Class IX (HATS) may or may not be a Class VII, and could only be a Class VII if they had been in the SO.

    Class IX were originally trained to put in TRIPLES. Triples were announced in January 1969 and were originally forbidden in Dianetics. The development of "Standard Dianetics" later in 1969 changed that and it is only then that Triples, and subsequently quadruples became generalized.

    The Class IX were also the first ones to learn about INT. They also drilled C/S 37 (What has been O/R process - now cancelled and replaced by C/S 37R) and the Group Engram Intensive. It was never a very popular course. Less than 100 people ever did the course World Wide By 1984 when it was dropped, there was not a single thing taught to Class IXs (except 37R) that was not already on the Grad IV and V courses.


    In 1984 the Training Bridge was changed through a SEA ORG EXECUTIVE DIRECTIVE. The old HATS (class IX) was cancelled and NOTS auditors (ACS) were now called Class IX.

    The prerequisite for NOTS auditor is Grad IV. They do not need to have done Class VI or VIII.

    I hope this clarifies any confusions about Class VII-IX.



    Grade VA in the Church has always been done by Class VII Interned auditors. there is no Class VII course, there is only a Class VII Internship. This is because the Power Processes have very precise EP and experience has shown that inexpert auditors uniformly mis-run them, each time with the pc case's case deterioration as a result.

    Case deterioration does not solely mean "feeling worse". In some cases, it can mean "feeling more powerful to dramatize one's evil intentions", hence these people could have no qualms about maligning people of good-will or caving anyone they perceive as a potential adversary.

    Of note, less than half of the pack for Class VII has been released into the field, meaning there are auditors who feel no problem with their personal Integrity well knowing they are delivering processes for which they have neither trained nor even read all the relevant issues.


    Upon successful completion of Grade VA (Power Plus), the next level is R6EW, which is a solo audited level.

    There are reports that some auditors in the field for some reason decide to skip that level, most likely because they have not read the C/S materials behind the level. The C/S materials for it are NOT in the FZ Volume 13 and not part of the course studied by students and most of them are not among the materials currently available to the FZ. Grade VI (R6EW) is a vital step to be done after Grade VA and prior to the Clearing Course for those who have not yet reached the state of Clear.

    At the very least someone who agrees to skip that level should acknowledge that he or she is acting in violation of LRH explicit recommendations. To do otherwise is simply dishonest.


    The Next Level is the Clearing Course. The End Phenomenon of the Clearing Course is the State of Clear.


    The level following it is OT I. OT I was written in 1968 by LRH. Part of its purpose along with OT II, is to prepare someone for OT III.

    In 1991, RTC reinterpreted the OT Levels and scrapped LRH's OT I, replacing it with one of their own, making it a level no longer containing any OT process at all.

    Apparently some people in the field have themselves picked up false data directly from RTC implying that LRH OT I is "now unnecessary" or "replaced by the Sunshine Rundown".

    Those RTC-invented-data are not only false, but they conflict with several dozen LRH issues. Each Rundown has its own unique purpose.


    After OT I, one does OT II. OT II has its own EP explicitly described in some confidential issues (Most of them readily available in the field). Yet there are people who basing themselves on their own misunderstanding or their own case have invented their own EP, claiming it is LRH, but unable to refer to any LRH issue, for the simple reason that their "EP" is not written in any LRH issue.

    The same goes for verbal data telling people to run the Clearing Course materials on OT II (hence after Clear). This contradict no less than 5 LRH issues between 1968 and 1971 stating to do no such thing. LRH explicitly advises not do such a thing in a number of bulletins from 1970.

    Part of the reason for some of the people anxious to run "The Clearing Course" in the middle of OT II, is that due to their auditor and C/S incompetence, they had actually never attained Clear to begin with, as there is a lot of verbal data and case evaluation in the field about the state of clear and far less people competent to adjudicate that state correctly than there are people claiming to have such skills.

    Having the knowledge sufficient to adjudicating the state of Clear uniformly IN EACH AND EVERY CASE goes far beyond than having read two bulletins issued in September 1978. There are 4 Films from 1964, 16 taped lectures from 1957 to 1960 (whose later RTC directed revisions now make useless as all the "confidential Clear data" has been excised from them), in addition to over 50 pages of materials not in the field tech Volume 13 nor available in the field. At the very least anyone running Clearing Course as part of OT II, must have the honesty to acknowledge that this is not what LRH would have recommended, but rather someone else.


    Upon successful completion of OT II, one does OT III.

    That level has its own EP and is a completely distinct level of its own and all claims that its is the same level as the following OT levels are both false and misleading.

    The concept of "transitioning" OT levels from one to the other for instance is covered in no Tech principle and in fact violate over 20 bulletins in the C/S series, as well as Cycles of Action. For those who use the term, the practice of "transitioning OT Levels" can be called Squirreling at its best.

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