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    Read these success stories from people who have received superb quality auditing from APIS Members. These are just as few of the many thousands of success stories by Scientologists in the Independent field.

    Find out just how successful Scientology can be!

    Grade 0 Completion
    PC: DMC
    AUD: NKW
    August 2005

    On this grade I've handled tons of stops I've had in life. It seems as if I have total control on the confront of communication with others and myself. This grade is very well designed in that it handles specific comm problems and the way you look at yourself. It also increases your ability to have your communication come across as a theta action.

    End of Endless Int R/D
    PC: JH
    Aud: Chris, Class VIII C/S

    "I feel very good after having completed this rundown and see how my concerns and reservations about entering and leaving spaces and situations have inhibited my spiritual freedom. I feel I'll do much better now. Thank you Chris, for some excellent auditing. Thanks also to Pierre and LRH. - J."

    Grade 3 Completion
    PC: I
    Auditor: Chris B.
    C/S: Pierre E.

    I have just attested to completing Grade III. Of the previous grades, this one has been the fastest to do. It has been relatively calm to do.

    If I get upset, it lasts very briefly, or I can go and spot the source of the upset. And I realize that if my reaction does not match the current situation, it is because I would be dramatizing something that was earlier!

    That bank reaction is more real to me! I can see it. (In others too!)

    Great auditing. Thanks Chris, and of course to the one who made it all possible - LRH."

    Drug Rundown
    PC: Alex
    Aud: Chris, Class VIII
    C/S: Pierre, Class XII

    "On the Drug Rundown I feel unbothered by drugs I have done and there are no more past upsets from drugs. Another nice win was I gained a greater certainty of past lives. I feel good in general in the area of drugs and alcohol I have taken and don't feel bad about the drugs I've done anymore."

    LX Lists
    PC: DMC
    AUD: NKW
    Location: LA
    Date: July 2005

    I had a very good win on the LX Lists. I've started to become myself ... I would say "again", but I don't think this has been true this lifetime. My own voice sounds strange to me, like a new person has arrived. The lists were a battle (with the bank) and I won. Thanks.

    PC: Lory
    Auditor: Pat Krenik
    Sunshine RD

    After 3 or 4 minutes I had the following cog:
    there is nothing big or small, near or far but everything depends on us. We decide if a thing is big or small. And a big thing, if we decide in that way, can become small. It doesn't exist something far or near, because we can be, if we decide it, at the same time everywhere. And in the same way it doesn't exist a special thing, but everything can be special, the most unsignificant thing too, if we decide to see it in this way. And in the same way in this moment I've decided that everything I see and feel is wonderful...

    PC: Mike
    C/S: Pat Krenik

    I have completed OT1! I'm so happy I could cry. I had more fun than ever,it's like all the material I ever studied,has been put to work, and via my observations,I can truly see what sorta game we have here with energies and flows and a definite distinction between them and theta.It's so obvious yet SO overlooked!!! I FEEL good ,and everybody could, and should. THANK YOU Ron.And thank you Pat.

    PC: CP
    C/S: Pat Krenik

    "It has been a long time since I've been able to move on the Bridge. Working with Pat has given me the inspiration and courage to continue. And it for me that I do.

    OT I was just the action I needed. I really was able to see others in a differnt light...and see myself in a new unit of time."

    PC: Raylene
    C/S: Diana
    SA Lists

    Diana dear, I just have to tell you that I am getting tremendous wins with S/A. My confront has come way, way up and so has my mood and my memory. I'm now having random thoughts of fun things I've done and of things I've done right and of people I've enjoyed and people who have enjoyed my company. I am remembering things I forgot I knew.

    I remembered today of a time when I filled the entire kitchen and part of the front yard and I remember a time when doing an investigation for CCHR, I could see the loading docks in back of the hospital with a white truck being backed into the dock, and I could see that my patient wasn't coming out the hospital that way... and I did this while sitting and waiting for her in the lobby. Having those abilities and not always in my body, that's what I meant when I said I used to be able to fly, but when I met you I could barely amble.

    Damn it Diana! Everybody should do S/A if they're not on the Bridge. Everybody! Just think what a great place this would be with everyone sane for a change. That's it. I wanted you to know.

    XOXO Raylene

    PC: BC
    Auditor: Pat Krenik

    "That short session yesterday produced more resolution of my(persistent case item) phenomena than any of our previous efforts. It is tempting to think all the aches, pains, unwanted sensations of mass/pressure around my head and eyes are the result of upper level case. I think all the previous auditing I have done *must* have helped because I have the impression my entire remaining case is just hanging by a thread and can be resolved completely with very little additional effort.

    If this technique continues to work for me, what's left should be a piece of cake. Seems too good to be true but I can finally see the end of this thing after all these years of grinding away at masses wherever I could find them, but never succeeding at handling the (persistent case item)."

    PC: Fritz
    Auditor: Chris

    I haven't associated with the FZ for very long now, but in that time, my wins have exceeded the gains I made in all previous auditing and training before.

    All the data I have learned about the church I formerly associated with has put me at a cause point that was unexpected by me. I'll never again be persuaded that My code of Honour should be chucked because somebody says so.

    I evaluate data for myself where I would previously have been susceptible to accepting some or another authorities' evaluations.

    My perceptions have multiplied exponentially. My ARC has improved markedly. My purpose has been fully restored. I'm doing better than I have in several decades.

    I'm very curious about what will happen when I actually start back on the bridge proper next week.

    Yes, after having been stopped on the bridge for more than 2 decades, I am being set up for co-auditing this weekend by our very own Chris, CL VIII C/S.

    And it's not just me. 6 others are also getting back on the bridge after having been stopped in one way or another for between 2 and 25 years.

    I think that is fantastic, and evidence that there are those among us who don't make much noise, but just quietly march people along on the right path.

    Thanks Chris, for taking an interest and caring for others. You ARE the man.

    And also not previously mentioned, is the fact that I came to Chris for help when my daughter seemed bent on self destruction after her encounter and subsequent enturbulation with the cofs. Chris stepped in and pulled her right out of the muck she was piling on herself as fast as her little beams could carry it in.

    She is now bright, forward looking, employed full time, thinking about finishing her education, and participating in the co-audit group.

    All in all a fine example of what should be going on.

    PC: Niteroi
    Auditor: Diana

    I want to acknowledge and validate my auditor, and C/S, for their dedication to original and standard LRH tech, and for delivering only original and standard LRH tech in everything they do. This is apparent not only in the delivery of auditing sessions, but the ARC my auditor creates both inside and out of the auditing session, whether with me or others. I see the results of this APPLICATION of the original and standard LRH auditing and admin tech, in my auditor's personality, demeanor, beingness and relationships with me and others.

    Obviously, the skills of auditing, are the tools of life, and not merely skills for use when delivering "Scientology". I endeavor to one day be as gracious and ARCful as my auditor.

    Thanks for everyone in the Freezone for preserving the original and standard tech which LRH created, and for carrying it into the future.

    PC: BC
    Auditor: Pat Krenik

    "That short session yesterday produced more resolution of my(persistent case item) phenomena than any of our previous efforts. It is tempting to think all the aches, pains, unwanted sensations of mass/pressure around my head and eyes are the result of upper level case. I think all the previous auditing I have done *must* have helped because I have the impression my entire remaining case is just hanging by a thread and can be resolved completely with very little additional effort.

    If this technique continues to work for me, what's left should be a piece of cake. Seems too good to be true but I can finally see the end of this thing after all these years of grinding away at masses wherever I could find them, but never succeeding at handling the (persistent case item)."

    PC: MS
    Auditor: Chris

    "What I accomplished in session is out of my imagination. I always knew that auditing works but I never knew it works so well!

    The realization and win I had was one of the most fantastic things of my life and it is, believe me. I feel it has opened up my case and put me on the right track.

    Anyone who doubts about auditing makes a very major mistake. I am very grateful to my auditor, Chris Black (Class VIII C/S), who with this technology has saved my life. We handled tremendous charges which were bothering and pressuring me for a very long time. I will continue auditing until I reach the OT levels and beyond.

    Thank you to L. Ron Hubbard for developing such a great technology. I recommend everyone to take auditing and have the wins I had."

    PC: Michael in Seattle
    Auditor: Pat Krenik

    I have been sitting on a condition that has been completely life ruining for all this time around and more.

    You see, I have been devastated by the effects of not being able to associate myself with this planet or its games and have failed at many things because of it. Employment endeavors for one. It has been a living hell and has killed most hope at any type of success for me.

    I have only had one other session other than Ruds and stuff this life time. It was whole track "nice and interesting" but I received no real case gain from it.

    Finally I went down to Pat and Rays in Elma and begged for help as I was stuck and failing miserable. I could not bring my self to any enthusiasm for participating in this planets affairs and all I wanted as it seamed was to be exterior from it and leave.

    Long story shorter, Pat took me in session and what came out was astounding.

    Apparently, right out of OT3 track I have been in direct disagreement with being here and participating on this crummy little rock for a long time. IM NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE! IM a part of something much bigger. IM supposed to be going back to civilization.

    WOW, cant go into the details here on this list but its not the scenario that most would think.

    Win... I can now see this place as my home and have the feeling of interest to play with the rest of you. Its like I have been failing all my life and watched all of the rest of you out there winning and having fun. Now, Pat has just walked up to me and gave me permission to go out and play too.

    This is going to be good! No more anchor. No more life ruin!

    I have now with some enthusiasm realized that this is my home and that I can be comfortable and win here. As I look out my window I see the sun shining and it is like I have never actually seen the sky before. What a nice day. I am no longer separate from my friends here. I can be comfortable and be free to participate with what is going on.

    I don't know how the hell you spotted that Pat, BUT YOU ARE INDEED THE MASTER!

    You are a life saver. Thanks for setting me free.

    PC: Lory
    Auditor: Pat Krenik
    Clear Attest

    I feel very excited! I cryed of joy.
    I was hopeless, because I received lots of invalidations.
    Now I'm very happy.
    It is a wonderful thing to attest again a condition, something already attested in a past life!
    I feel happy to be recognized as a Clear.
    I feel to be Clear and something more too!

    PC: Unnamed
    Auditor: Pierre Class XII

    It is after 4PM. I am driving fast on the Highway because I'm really cutting it tight to be on time for work.

    Oh No! the traffic on the highway is slowing down and further ahead even appears to have stopped!

    Should I stay on, or quickly go three lines on the right for the exit?

    Let's find out! I exteriorize.

    1 mile ahead, I perceive severe Enturbulation. There is a Man over the Railing of the overpass. He is clutching what must be a 5 years old girl (she is dressed in pink) and he is threatening to jump!

    Horror! He throws the child down. It must be 50 feet!

    Instantly, I mock up a gigantic hand and scoop the child just before she hits the pavement.

    Ouch! an SUV just hit my hand.

    I am suddenly back in my car, still shaken by the experience. The traffic hasnt moved.

    I cut across three lanes of traffic to get off the highway and barely make it on time for work.

    I take a break at 11Pm to watch the Evening News.

    The child is safe in the hospital and without a broke bone. A witness says she saw an "angel breaking her fall".

    Another talks about her SUV "miraculously stopping" just before hitting "something" in front of the child.

    Causing Miracles,... being called an Angel...: just an ordinary day for an OT...


    PC: I10
    Auditor: Chris Class VIII

    "My "upset" with LRH

    I have NOT had an easy time as a Scientologist. (Over 30 years) I was not making the progress I wanted or expected. I read , studied, and listened to a lot of LRH materials. I have received lots of auditing -but it seemed to take for ever to go up the bridge. If I remember correctly it took me between 20 to 30 intensives to get through grade zero. And I cannot remember how many I received before getting to grade zero (embarrassingly many)

    I thought I was the "failed case"
    I thought I was an SP.
    I thought I am committing too many present time overts. Etc. Etc.

    Anything I studied of LRH I saw in myself -at least as a shadow and I "blamed " myself. I was many times resentful of LRH for making me look so bad. Somehow I blamed Him for "my" case. Until of course -eventually- I cognited that he was "describing" case and NOT making "my" case. He didn't own my case, He didn't make my case, "I" owned my case, "I" made my case ....LOL

    THAT cog handled -partially- my upset with Him. The remainder of my "upset" with LRH was why am I NOT "making it"? This technology sounds sooo true so why am I not making it. why is it NOT biting (apparently) on me? Am I that BAD a character?

    I eventually made to grade II and all the time I was convinced that grade II was the thing that would crack my case ....seeing how much trouble I have had with O/W......
    So grade II went on [longish as is apparently usual for me] did all the processes etc. I didn't experience the fireworks I expected.

    Enter the free zone. My free zone auditor does an advance program and I attest to completing to grade II -he actually tricked me I wasn't expecting to attest so soon I was actually considering to create a fuss [which I usually do] before attesting...LOL ....its got to be...just right...no stone unturned...were all the processes for the grade run?

    Did I really attain the EP of the grade?...no quicky grades for me.....[perhaps that's a fault of mine ..LOL]

    But let me tell you that after that I have experienced fireworks. I have started grade three [which I was NOT looking forward to -as in my estimation ARCX handlings in the past never seemed to do much for me] and any little innocuous looking or sounding process seems to do sooo much for me.

    I am NOW "making it"
    The remainder of the "upset" with LRH has been handled.

    Thank you LRH"


    PC: I10
    Auditor: Chris Class VIII
    My opinion of LRH

    Am I opinionated? Strongly so! I admit it right from the start!

    Am I technically savvy? I don't hold any high level certificate.

    But I have been around. I could be termed a second generation old timer. (Since the early seventies) I am not going to give too much detailed data as I value my privacy and anonymity.

    I have had a lots & lots of auditing, have done some training, read some books listened to a lot of lectures and I have DEFINITIVELY concluded for MYSELF that LRH had perfectly good intentions. I admire him greatly. Did he succeed in creating a perfectly walkable bridge? I will ONLY know that when I will HAVE walked it all the way.

    But at a guess extrapolating from what I have learned and experienced myself thus far I more than believe -I am actually certain- that I am in good hands.

    Of course my auditor MUST have the same opinion of LRH as I have.

    Of course a well trained and experienced auditor would take me there faster and I consider myself very "lucky"[I hit the jackpot] as I have both a highly trained auditor and C/S.

    I put lucky in "" because I would like to explain that one has to create one's own luck, or at least that's my view of it.

    In the "Church" I spent hundred of thousands of dollars on auditing I contributed greatly to the IAS and yet my progress up the bridge was slow, and many times I was disappointed.

    I "blew" several times and eventually I went back and blew again but I never really gave up.

    When I listened to LRH lectures or read his bulletins [even when disappointed ,upset and chargy] I could not deny the ring of truth that came through. His desire to help me reach higher states of ability, wisdom, happiness, understanding could not be denied. And as a bonus I enjoyed his wit.

    Even when the yap yap yap of my family [seems like I had a type A PTS scene for ever] you are getting brainwashed... you are spending all your money down there -down the drain.. you are not getting any better...you are not getting smarter you are getting stupider etc plus my disappointments for the apparent lack of progress and felt like giving up...when I thought of LRH his wisdom could not be denied and I hung on.....

    My opinion of the church? The majority are well meaning people.

    The many auditors I have had all have tried to help me and probably did their best for me...I guess I was a tough case and as LRH said in one lecture "quietly tough" and that made me laugh.

    Do I regret the tough times and all the money I spent in the "church"? Not at all. That's probably what I needed... a tough time to counter my "quietly tough case"... LOL... Then enter the free zone and that's where "lucky" enters in.

    With great easy with the help of some friends I found a great auditor and C/S and have had tons of wins. Whereas before I was only "hoping" to make it up the bridge now I am " pretty sure" I will and my auditor is assuring me I WILL make it to Clear THIS year. [I may have some doubts because as I look forward to Dianetic auditing I cringe (that would require some explaining as to why I feel that way -which I won't) but he doesn't seem to have any doubts.]

    So am I lucky? Well I keep telling myself that I am. I even laughed with someone when I realized that my postulates have a 30 year com- lag and quickly decided that I had better shorten that com- lag...LOL... So I have this consideration (a continuing postulate [from the Tech Dict.]) that I am lucky but perhaps I earned it... created it.. I have made my own luck. But I still feel that I am lucky ......how many people have a Class VIII auditor and a class XII C/S?

    And the final thing I have to say in this post is why has this happened now and in the free zone?

    And not while on lines at the church? I cannot explain that now! Perhaps one day I will have a cognition on that.

    Right now I am very glad that the good wishes of LRH for me are coming true!


    Clearbird Clear Body Program (aka Purif):
    PC: John
    C/S: Chris

    "On the Purif I gained a very clean feeling of my body. It has made me realize I want to go clear as a necessity. Also as an extra, but not related to the Purification Rundown, it put me in a more social environment and got my comm level up. Also I realized how essential the C/Sing was to getting the dosages right and getting my questions answered, whereas I thought I might have been able to do it myself before.

    Thanks for the C/Sing, Chris.


    Pc: D.M.
    Auditor: Nancy
    C/S: Diana

    Some time into the process I started to feel a lot of gains, like I suddenly felt a lot smarter and happier, like I had become my old self again. I remember when I was a kid I did everything: Speech, debate, band, job. Then I started doing drugs and I stopped and my ability level ever since has plummeted. But now I feel that I am awake suddenly. Things are brighter and I can do everything I want to do. And be happy doing it!

    OT IV Drug RD
    PC. M.M
    C/S Pat

    This was a short but phenomenal level. I had such tremendous
    gains from this it was amazing. Some problems I had had for
    years and years and years just gone in just a few seconds!
    Teeth problems, worry, and other things, gone forever!
    I am just f/ning all over the place now.

    Many thanks to my C/S who had the confidence in me and to Ron.
    Amazing! There I go...f/ning again.


    Grade II Completion
    Auditor: Chris Black, Class VIII C/S
    C/S: Pierre Ethier, Class XII

    "I have just completed an advance program and
    consequently was able to see that I had attained the
    EP of Grade II.

    I had previously (at the Church) done pretty well on
    all the Grade II processes and also the Joburg and
    FPRD list 1, but still was not up to attesting to
    Grade II.

    This action has handled my inability to do that. I
    looked at the four flows and I could honestly say that
    I could see those for myself.

    The auditing has been great - not always fun - but
    always good at the end. Thank you Chris for the great
    auditing and Pierre for C/Sing and of course to Ron
    for making all this possible."


    An OT Level Win (Original OT Levels)
    PC: Michael
    C/S: Pat

    I have to say I have noticed some further benefits
    since I have been moving up the OT levels.

    I have exposed and gotten rid of many hidden standards
    regarding the OT levels and the EP on each Level (I
    have been doing the Original Levels). For me when one
    achieves the EP of a level I have have duplicated
    Ron's understanding of that level and what it really
    is. Prior to completing that level I found I had a
    hidden computation on what the EP really meant. I have
    a expanded sense of space and well being within it. I
    have handled many issues I have had over the years.
    When I awake in the mornings I am no longer in a mass
    as I have been for eons. I am free. I have much more
    ARC for people and commpassion which, once was sorely
    lacking. (I must admit this does not apply when I am
    driving behind an idiot - so still someway to go

    Each day I discover more about myself.

    I can only recommend that one does the OT levels as
    soon as possible.


    OT3 Expanded

    PC. M.M
    C/S. Pat

    I have had a dramatic increase in my personal space.
    I feel I can breathe again. I have blown some remnants
    that were hanging around and freed up some attention as
    a result also.

    This is a great level to do after OT VII as my intention
    to veer right in and spot has increased dramatically and
    it was easy to pinpoint the areas that needed attention.

    I highly recommend this level to everyone!

    Many thanks to Ron and Pat!


    Observation after the Ls
    PC: Pat

    After I finished the Original OT V each time I went outside I
    observed the same condition I had when I finished the level. Very
    aware of the tops of the trees and other items. Looked like a point
    of view to me. Great to have the space.

    Since my L's I have noticed a change. I'm still aware of the tops
    but instead of it being me distance spot/aware it is me and the tops
    are in my space. Like me/here. They appear closer, consideration of
    distance has changed. Rather than creating space and creating
    distance, it is like being there with the environment.

    Hard to put into words.


    This is a success story from a False Data Stripping Session which is
    one of the steps of the Debug Program.

    Person: NW
    Ethics Officer: Diana

    Hi Diana,

    When I left last Thursday, I guess you could say I was line
    charging. It was quite something ... not the largest or longest
    line charge I've ever had, but, still good.

    And, as the days have gone by, while I seem to have as-ised the
    whole consideration we dealt with last Thursday, and so can't quite
    reconstruct it (well, I never really could, as it didn't make sense
    to begin with)

    I've realized how thoroughly my relationships have been affected by
    the presupposition that 'when you get married, you're fuc**d'.

    No wonder I didn't first get married until I was 33. No wonder the
    most notable of my 2D-ish relationships have been with people who,
    ultimately, didn't respect me. And, those who do respect me, I have
    tended to shy away from.

    Not completely ... but I experienced an incongruence when building a
    relationship with respectful people, as they didn't quite fit my
    presupposition of how a 2D "should" go.

    Anyway, this has been a lot of fun!

    Love, N.W.

    OT VII (Original) Completion
    P.C. MM
    C/S: Pat

    Where do I start! I am in comm with life again.
    Yet am not lost in the crowd. I can just be there
    if I wish yet can easily impinge upon another
    at the same time.

    I am myself again.

    My thanks to Pat who guided me through and to Ron
    who loved us enough to pave the way.


    Livingness Repair
    PC: JM
    Auditor: Chris Class VIII

    Doing Life Repair: I feel like I have more desire to
    do as much bridge in the time I have with this body. I
    have realized that I mock up ARC breaks with people
    which I consider the biggest cog. I feel my
    communication is better and feel happier in general;
    definitely things bother me less - that feeling is
    probably the strongest win on this program. Thanks Chris.


    OT VI
    PC: M.M
    C/S: Pat

    I find now the MEST universe is like a 'Matrix'
    (if one has seen the movie). Something one can
    be in even when one is not. It is a playground.
    A place to play games in and soar over the
    landscape freely going whereever one wishes,
    observing and even participating. It is
    begining to be fun again!

    Thanks to Ron who always knew it was a game
    and to Pat for always making me right and
    not wrong.


    P.C: M.C
    Auditor: Pat

    I have been tumbling and troubling with the thought of going clear
    and the self invalidation of it back and forth all this life time. I
    have run on false standards of what a clear is and should be. In
    those false standers I have invalidated my won state.

    From the beginning of my run with Scientology this time around I have
    always found the whole bridge to clear very uninteresting and wanted
    little to do with it. What I wanted to know and were my interest
    lies, is in what the OT levels are all about and my incredible
    interest in the Big picture" of things. Now I know why.

    I was sitting in season with Pat and at the end of the run of list's
    and such she mentioned to me about being down to two more items, one
    not being able to get gain over a life time of ARC-x's, and the other
    being the state of clear. I said that it would take a lifetime of
    sessions to go through every ARC-x and that I have ARC for every one.
    I may not agree with them and what they do but I understand why they
    think so, and with that amount of R, I have complete affinity also.
    The end statement was me saying "to hell with the ARC-x's I have ARC
    with every one and every thing" and Pat said, "OK?" So that's
    handled". I said, "We can do that"? Her reply was, "a clear can!"
    LMAO We then went through the clear definitions in the tech dictionary,
    (metered) and I now finally have dropped all the invalidations and
    crap on the state of clear.

    The killer Cog that followed? Well of course I always had all my
    attention on the OT level materials, AND, NOW I GET TO DO THEM!!!


    Thank you very much. You have done more for me in stabilizing my case
    in the last few hours, than all of the time I have spent on the cans
    in the church from the beginning this lifetime. I know have a stable
    knowingness of were I am on the bridge and what I have to do next.
    That incorporated into the 1st dynamic formulas is a great way to
    help with, were you are, who you are, what you were doing and what to
    do next.

    Thank you very much Pat, you are a warm and valued individual.

    By the way, did I mention that I am clear? LOL



    OT V (not NOTs)
    P.C: M.M
    C/S: Pat

    I am here but not in the MEST Universe. I can be in the same place
    yet not be introverted into the MEST Universe. I am out of the trap.
    I see it all around me but am not the effect of it. This is nothing
    like I imagined. As I move up the levels all my hidden standards are
    blown away.

    It is such a privilege to have such a patient and on source C/S and
    I am really grateful to Ron for paving the way and showing us the
    route out.


    OT IV
    P.C: M.M
    C/S: Pat

    I have certainty of myself as a being. I can be immersed in
    something but not swamped by it. Whatever I am doing or
    whereever I am, I retain my individuality.

    It is nice to be me again!


    Dianetic Auditing
    P.C. R.P
    Auditor: Pat
    Octobert 2004

    What an eye-opener! Considering I'v been experiencing most of
    my life thru squinted eyes-You've helped me find the thread to
    follow. It feels lighter already and I'm grateful that you and Sam
    and Etc. are sharing the knowledge.

    So thanks for today--It feels like the burden doesn't need to be
    carried after all.

    With a tear and a smile,


    PC. M.M
    C/S. Pat
    September 2004

    "Completing OTIII has been a long term goal for me and sometimes
    it seemed so far away I wondered if I would ever see the day when
    I could look out over life and say that I had made it.

    Well today is my day! My space is back and I have control over it.
    I am me and no one else. I am not subject to any unknown influences
    and feel happy, feel uptoned and exuberant. This is the natural way a
    thetan should feel!

    This reminds me of when I went clear and saw things in a sparklingly
    newness! But now I have a space with no restrictions and of being
    able to reach out and cause new things as a being.

    I understand with awe now the love LRH must have felt to have gone
    through what he did to Pave the way for us.
    My deep appreciation to Ron for this and to my C/S who guided me
    through the rough spots to come out shining and an OTIII completion
    at last!

    Key Q. Would you like someone else to have the same results?

    Definitely! It would be a better world if we all completed this level.


    Ethics Handling
    Being: Z.T.
    E/O: Diana
    September 2004

    "Since I entered into Scientology, essentially there
    has been a lot of false data, from others to me in
    various ways resulting in a misapplication of the Tech.

    Until Diana did an Ethics handling on me, I had had a
    huge lack of success for life. I now have an exciting
    and bright future by using the technology of Ethics.
    This includes the ability to apply it with any condition
    on any dynamic or in any situation, good or bad.

    My requests for work at my company has jumped up,
    my partner and I are now more relaxed about life and
    living. We are able to function as team members
    already much more smoothly.

    The Word Clearing and the False Data Stripping and the
    Ethics Program were a huge VGIS for me, I will never
    be the same!

    Thank you Diana for making Ethics an easy road for me.


    Success Story While on OT3
    Pc: M.M.
    C/S: Pat
    September 2004

    "When I started OT3 and finding out what it really was I did not see
    how the EP of OT3 (Freedom from Overwhelm) could be accomplished. But
    now, having got really stuck into it and can start to see how this can be
    accomplished. There is a slow but increasing sense of space and
    'nowness', to coin a word, and I have discovered what makes a person
    small. An issue that I have had for over 20 years has now gone giving
    me a tremendous relief. Doing and completing OT3 has been a goal of mine
    for many years and at last I can see that I am accomplishing it. My
    life is now turning around! I have worked hard for this and it is a reward
    I deserve and am now enjoying!!"


    OT II
    Pc: M.M.
    C/S: Pat
    September 2004

    I always wondered what OT2 was like. When I started it I was a bit
    apprehensive but very excited. At last!
    Going through it was laborious at first and I plodded on. And then
    gradually it became like a breeze. I feel now as though I am standing
    tall and can see vast vistas at a glance. I have a new freshness and
    confront. It seems so easy now to look and see. It gives new meaning
    to the phase 'Seeing the wood for the trees'. I am absolutely amazed that
    Ron was able to plot such complexity and yet make a safe road for us
    to travel on. Many thanks to Ron and To my patient yet firm and encouraging C/S!

    Q. Would you want someone else to have the same results?

    A. Definitely. we all need to get through and out the other side of this!


    Drug Rundown Completion
    Pc: D.M.
    Auditor: nkw
    August 2004

    I have realized that I have been living in drug incidents for the last 10 or so years and have been a little unable to move forward because of it. Now I feel that I am not in those incidents and that I am no longer addicted to anything, which is a good feeling!


    PC: M.B
    C/S: Pat
    August 2004

    There's no more held down seven here!
    Now it's time to get some auditing going!!

    ARC M.B

    P.S Thanks to Ron and Pat!

    OT 1
    PC: M.M
    C/S: Pat
    August 2004

    What a great birthday present!.

    To day I completed OT1. When I first saw it I did not think it was
    very much and truly it did not take long. But the wins were very
    interesting. I now have a sense of my own identity as distinct to
    others around me and a separateness I was not conscious of before.

    My thanks to LRH and to my C/S!


    Solo C/S Series
    PC: M.M
    Auditor: Pat
    August 2004

    "I have just completed the Solo C/S series.
    I approached this with some trepidation as felt I was taking my own
    life in my hands. Well I was right and I was. But the gradient and
    the great C/Sing of my C/S, Pat was just the right touch. I got
    through it and feel much more confident on taking the route in front
    of me to OT. Many thanks to Ron for the gradient and to Pat my C/S
    and my auditor, who persisted!"

    Q: Would you like someone else to have the same wins?
    A: Yes definitely!."


    Life Repair Completion
    PC: H.L.
    Auditor: Nancy
    July 2004

    "Life Repair has enabled to understand my Mother now - I know she loves me...
    I don't feel hate around her anymore. I feel gentler with people.
    There have been losses in my past that I never understood. Now, I have
    understanding on what happened. I see things on a more spiritual level.
    I am also now more free from the hurt I received from others -the things
    people said and did no longer bother me as much.
    I have the same perspective now that I did as a kid - I feel fresher and new."


    Life Repair Completion
    PC: XXX
    Auditor: Chris
    July 2004

    Completed: Life Repair "Life Repair was short and sweet just how I imagined
    it should be! :)"


    Life Repair Completion
    PC: I.C
    Auditor: Chris
    July 2004

    "I just completed the repair program for this cycle of auditing.

    In the last session I did get the distinct feeling that I want to continue auditing to make CASE GAIN. I also lost that feeling of fear about being audited. I want to look forward to being audited rather than being a little apprehensive about it. The auditor and auditing was great. Thanks to my auditor and of course LRH."


    End of Endless INT Rundown
    Pc: D.M.
    Auditor: Nancy
    Date: April 2004

    "Well, the most interesting thing that happened is that I went into many
    other lives and got a lot of clarity on why certain things bother me or did
    not bother me. I was having trouble from going exterior and I think it was
    even making me sick sometimes but now I feel a lot less somatics.
    Also, I used to get really keyed in and lately I feel a lot more able to
    combat that. I just feel less weight all together. Also my relationships
    have really changed for the better and I can see things more clearly now.
    Actually, this process has been the best so far and now for the first time I
    really want to go clear!"


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