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    The APIS is introducing, for the benefit of its members, the APIS Certification System.

    What is the APIS Certification System?

    The purpose of the certification process is to uphold and substantiate a specific standard of application and delivery of standard technology of the original working philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard to the level attained by the individual as originally instituted by Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

    It was Ron himself who introduced the certification process in the form of certifications and oks to audit, issued by the Qual and approved by HCO and the Keeper of the Tech. These were not fanciful titles but in fact a recognition that the individual can and does apply the technology in the way Ron expected.

    References: Certification Process and How to be Certified

    The certification process will provide recognition for practitioners that their application of the technology is of a satisfactory standard, undeviating in its application and delivery so the results remain predictable and stable.

    This provides, for the clients of the practitioner, the knowledge that the practitioner is on source, knows and understands and can delivery the practical aspects of the original philosophy as outlined by Lafayette Ron Hubbard

    This fits in with the purposes of APIS of Preserve, Protect and Promote.

    It is up to the individual member if they wish to take advantage of this service for their benefit and the benefit of their clients.

    Any member may apply for certification up to the level he or she has attained and apply in the future for certification to further levels as they are attained. This is a service provided for APIS members only.

    Certification would be up to the level attained by past certificate in an org or organization. This might include internships, courses done, 'OKs to Audit' and auditing or training done. No distinction or discrimination would be made as to "when" a person was trained, on the basis that they can improve their knowledge, expertise and application from the present time onward.

    Therefore if, for example, people were trained under the RTC regime of GaoT, they could retrain or improve their training and knowledge up to a point where they could receive certification. No one should be denied certification provided they can successfully pass the process checks.

    Certification would be in two categories and each category would have sections.


    Training would include internships, Classed auditors, Supervisors, Case Supervisors, and include Administrative training as well as technical. Each of these would be separate sections.

    For example, certification can be applied for as a Class IV auditor and as a NED Auditor. The person would apply for certification of the highest level they have attained in that section.


    The Auditing category would include the application and delivery of the technology. This would be actual auditing, actual C/Sing, supervising, possibly even administrative activities, such as application of the Data Series or Why Finding or Ethics handlings.

    The individual (and possibly at a later time groups or organizations) could apply for certification in more than one section in the Training Category as a Class VI C/S in which their knowledge is verified as being standard and without alter-is of any kind. This could be worded better but I am sure you get the meaning.

    They can apply for the Auditing classification as an auditor up to the level they are classed and this would be in the form of verifying their application and delivery of auditing. (As C/Sing is it's own technology, separate application would need to be made for certification as a C/S.)

    They might also apply for certification in both categories and more than one section in each category.

    The actual processes of validating the knowledge and application of the practicing member will be largely up to the qualifications division to construct and set out.

    Please note:

    Currently only Certification in the Auditing Category is offered at this time. At a later stage certification for training and even administration is envisaged

    Those individuals or groups who have satisfactorily completed the certification process will have a seal against their listing on the IFA web site. In addition they will be provided with a logo which they may use on their official paperwork indicating their certification status. They can then promote their certification status to clients, such as prospective pcs and students.

    Certification will be ratified or verified periodically to ensure the standards are being maintained. Any drop in the standard as assessed by the Qualifications Division of the IFA would result in the certification being suspensed or even removed if efforts were not made to improve the standard up to the acceptable level within a period of three months.

    To find out more about the process go to Certification Process
    Information on how to be certified can be obtained here.How to be Certified
    More about Technical Issues - Upper Levels Technical Issues
    For Certification Terms go to Certification Terms & Conditions
    The donations for certification are available here. Certification Donations
    To apply for Certification go to Certification Application.

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