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    Let's start by telling you what the certification program is not.

    It is not an internship.

    It is not a bypass of training.

    The certification program is an inspection of your service(s) to determine if it or they qualify to be called Standard Tech by APIS.

    We inspect for 100% Standard Tech, and it's application.

    What do we mean by that?

    Definitions of Standard Tech from the Class VIII lectures:

    "Standard Tech is not a process or a series of processes. It is following the rules of processing. It's how to make auditing work so that it will be effective on 100 percent of the cases to which it is addressed."

    "That terribly narrow path which we now call Standard Tech is composed of those things which make case gain possible, and which, if they are out, inhibit and prohibit all case gain."

    And from HCOB 23 Aug 68 (to all Class VIIIs) ARBITRARIES

    "Punch in hard Standard Tech. Standard Tech is that tech which has absolutely no arbitraries."

    To further clarify our inspection process:

    We will certify that a Class IV Auditor is indeed a Cl IV auditor applying his tech Standardly. We will do this by seeing that they've done the proper training, and are auditing the processes standardly.

    We will not certify someone who has not already done the standard training lineup to be a Class IV auditor. We will, however, work with them to see that they get the correct training by referring them to someone certified to deliver those services.

    This is in no way an invalidation of the abilities of an auditor requesting certification who doesn't have the qualifications yet, but still produces results. You are highly validated for overcoming huge obstacles to get where you are. This speaks to the bigger picture.

    Standard Tech has absolutely no arbitraries. The Grade Chart lays out not only the processing side of the Bridge, but the training as well. The requirement is that, in order to deliver Grade IV, you either have to be on Level IV, or completed it. In the past, it was possible within the barbaric CSI RPF program for an untrained individual to just 'read it-drill it-do it' in order to audit someone else on the program. This then became it's own Okay to Audit system. This creeped into the Advanced Orgs, who had similar auditor shortages due to an inability to make auditors. Class IVs were recruited to train on and deliver NOTs, thus bypassing all training in between.

    To audit the OT Reviews that subsequentialy came up (no doubt due to the inability of the auditor not trained as a Class VIII) necessitated that they get "Qual Okays to Audit" on the various other handlings on the OT Reviews that came. Sometimes this entailed complete OT levels. So you didn't have to do the SHSBC or Class VIII to audit at Class IX. Since people weren't getting though Cl VIII they couldn't train as Class X, XI or XII auditors because you really HAD to be a Class VIII to audit these levels or you'd fall on your face in session. This whole system bypassed the training side of the Bridge. It made training obsolete. All of a sudden you didn't have to train to audit. Training completions have been on a decline ever since. This is not to say that this is the Why for lack of auditors today. But it was and still is, out Tech. We don't accept this as part of our certification program, except to help outline a standard course of action to get your prerequisites in.

    How the Certification Program Works

    You want to be certified for a certain level of training or delivery line, but are unsure if you meet the qualifications to be so certified;


    You know the qualifications for a certain level, know you meet them, and want to be certified by APIS as a Standard Tech delivery line.

    Both start by your getting on the routing form at reception in HCO.

    If you are not a member of the APIS you will need to sign up to continue. Be sure to fully familiarize yourself with the IFA's Goals and Purposes, and what a membership means to you.

    The receptionist will then ask you to fill out a confidential (APIS only) questionnaire. This will only have to be done once, but will be required for your APIS certification. The questions will identify who you are. There will also be questions to determine if you are here on your own determinism, not sent in by some other organization, be it government or private. Questions about any possible PTSness, or illegalities. And finally a listing of all your training and processing, when it was, where it was, and if you completed it. This questionaire is for the IFA only.

    With this data in hand you will be routed to the registrar, who will register you for the certification program, and accept a donation for the service. The Donation required for the Certification Program will depend upon the level and type of certification require and the costs involved in delivering it. Treasury will then administrate the donation, and you will be routed to the Tech Div for a complete TIP through Class VIII and above, if desired, or for the service you're looking to get certified.


    It is possible that in your questionnaire certain situations may become obvious that will need to be worked out with the help of the Ethics Officer first, before continuing with the routing form to the registrar. This is a help flow, not a hit. The IFA must foremost protect itself, and then its members. Whatever the situation, if you sincerely want to be certified as standard, we will work together to overcome any ethics barriers. The bottom line is, when the ethics are out, the tech can't go in. So we work together, applying the tech, to handle the situation. Then, with that out of the way, we route you to the registrar to get signed up.

    Once you get to Tech one of our Class VIIIs will review your request against your completed questionnaire, and write up a Technical Individual Program (TIP) for you to do. He/she will go over it with you, answering any questions with the correct tech. The TIP will be individualized depending on each application. It could be a simple checklist of requirements to prove the delivery is Standard. It could include filling in training steps, with suggestions about how or where to get the training. Each TIP is unique and catered to the situation to make your certification happen. You then do your TIP, staying in touch with the Tech Sec who's there to help you stay on track and answer any questions. Once you've completed a major step on your program, and you're ready to be certified, you get routed to the Qual Div. Qual looks over your TIP, sees that all the steps have been completed, and then either issues you a test, or routes you through to certs. Any exam questions found incorrect will be corrected against the standard tech until the examination is finally considered passed 100%.

    You are then certified by APIS to deliver that service.

    You are then routed to the PES who will welcome you, post your new qualification(s), and generally get you recognized and in-comm with the other members. She will then route you back to tech if there is more to go on your full TIP. The cycle then repeats itself as above until your TIP is completely done.

    No matter if you're a brand new person interested in Scientology, or an old salt who's been around for years - our TIP program, if you request it, will give you a program to follow to get from where you are now, through Class VIII.

    All you have to do is do it.

    As a final note: Our certification program is an inspection program. We do not intern people, so we do not permanently certify them. We only inspect that Standard Tech is being applied, and label such groups and individuals as a place where you can get Standard Tech.

    As we do not permanently certify anyone through internships the certification is only good for one year. At the end of the year you will be notified that your certification is coming to an end. To reinstate it you'll need to get in communication with the APIS Qual Division, and find out what needs to be done, if anything, to reissue it.

    Welcome to the APIS Certification line!

    To find out more about the process go to Certification Process
    More about Technical Issues - Upper Levels Technical Issues
    For Certification Terms go to Certification Terms & Conditions
    The donations for certification are available here. Certification Donations
    To apply for Certification go to Certification Application.

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