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    Reasons for Certification

    Why would one need certification?

    It was Ron himself who introduced the certification process in the form of certs and awards and 'oks to audit'. A whole department was set up to validate the ability of Auditors and C/S's to apply the technology.

    Certificates were issued by the Qual and approved originally by LRH, then later by HCO and the Keeper of the Tech. These certificates were not fanciful titles but an recognition that the individual can and does apply the technology in the way Ron expected.

    Ron states in


    The Department of Certifications and Awards has the prime purpose in all its functions:


    The purpose of the certification process is to uphold and substantiate a specific standard of knowledge, application and delivery of standard technology of the original working philosophy of Lafayette Ron Hubbard to the level attain by the individual as originally instituted by Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

    "There is one Tech and that is Standard Tech."

    "Unfortunately there is other Tech around. This other Tech is a Liability. Other Tech is defined as any tech which is not standard Tech."


    The quality of application and delivery can easily slip. It does not take much at all as we all know.

    Here is an extract from HCO Policy Letter 30 MAY 1970 CUTATIVES to demonstrate the vital importance of certification in the Independent Field.

    "In the period up to 1966 we were plagued by an occasional obsessiveness to ADD to any process or policy. Additives made things unworkable. After 1966 when I left the post of Executive Director WW, a new condition set in. Checksheets, processes, intensives, grades began to be CUT DOWN. This we can dub a CUTATIVE impulse to coin a word.

    So persuasive were its advocates that even I was persuaded to agree to some points of it so you need not feel bad if you were gulled into buying the idea of shortening things in order to produce a quicker result. No one really saw where the trend was going.

    In 1970 a survey I have just completed has shown that this effort was so complete that the following had been broadly accomplished:

    A. Training no longer included enough Scientology materials to make an effective Scientology auditor in many places.
    B. Grades had been shortened from 50 hours 0 to IV to 2 and a half minutes.
    C. The End Phenomena of grades and processes were discarded.

    The end result has been:

    I . Few skilled auditors.
    2. Shrunken and struggling Scn orgs.
    3. A field that is disappointed in results - for they think they have had grades and haven't.
    4. People coming into Advanced Orgs to be cleared who have NO lower grades actually run and so they can't make any upper grades.
    In effect Scientology was thrown away. From total workability it was cut down to occasional result.

    I saw the first impulse of this in an executive long since dismissed from Saint Hill as a constant overt no-case gain case who agitated constantly to remove tapes from the Saint Hill Course. As 90% of the data on the SHSBC is on tape I merely thought he had gone over to the enemy and ignored him. Some others, however, had the same idea and started labelling basic books and bulletins "Mere Background Data" or saying "We don't use that now" or "That's old and you only look at it for interest". Thus the laws of listing and other phenomena were thrown away.

    Recently I found the reason Case Supervisors failed is that they just don't know "The Original Thesis" and "Evolution of a Science" or "Scn 8-80" or "Scn 8-8008". WHEN I DEMANDED THEY STUDY THESE BOOKS THEY BECAME CAPABLE OF HANDLING CASES. They did not know what they were handling-the mind-and so how could they be sensible in ordering what was to be run on a case?

    Back in 1950 we used to have a small bunch of goony birds, ex-psychologists, ex-lunatics. They were constantly demanding a 2 second action that totally cleared someone. Behind this was an inability to concentrate attention or even to work. These were people striving for total effect instantly. Yet they couldn't run with reality on any process heavier than "How are you?" and they never saw a wall-they saw a mock up of it!

    So the impulse of DO IT ALL NOW NOW that destroyed any sanity of psychiatry is always around.

    A student with a one item checksheet who does it in one minute is the ideal course to such.

    A preclear run for 21/2 minutes to total top grades becomes an ideal auditing session to such.

    Such things just aren't real. And such unreality got into the lines too hard and is being escorted right back out right now."


    L. Ron Hubbard.

    The Certification Process

    The Certification Process is a voluntary process through which an individual or organization is able to measure the quality of its services and performance against a recognized standard. The process involves an assessment by senior technical individuals of APIS who, themselves, have been assessed for their strict adherence to the original philosophy and working application of the philosophy and passed.

    APIS Certification is a service provided for the practitioner of the "Lafayette Ron Hubbard Original Philosophy" and not for any scientology levels.

    It covers knowledge of the philosophy and the application of the technology of the philosophy up to the level the individual is applying for.

    An assessment is made of the applicants knowledge and application ability based upon exams, observable renditions of the application and examples of the application through the use of pc folders and worksheets.

    To qualify for certification an individual would undergo:

    An exam to 80 percent pass to demonstrate their knowledge.

    Such examinations will incur a fee and will also require a professional invigilator paid for at the applicants expense (These can usually be found through University resources in your area). An invigilator is someone who watches examination candidates to prevent cheating.

    Application proficiency will be determined through the use of Video and Audio facilities such as tapes, CDs and DVDs. On these facilities will be assessed such applications as TRs, various codes and practices, such as the auditors code for example, correct application of meter skills, technology and a demonstration of knowledge for the level attained. In addition folder study will be used to ensure paperwork is kept to a specific standard.

    Provided that the applicant meets all requirements to the satisfaction of the assessor, they will receive a certification to the level and for the material submitted. The final assessment and decision as to qualifications for certification are solely up to the Qual Division and the Senior Technical Terminals of the APIS.

    If an individual fails to meet the standards as assessed by the Senior Technical Terminals of the APIS, they may appeal but only to the Keeper of Tech (see Org Board Exec Division) who's decision in the matter will be final

    If an applicant does not receive an initial pass, they may request to undergo a specifically outlined program as set by the Senior Technical Terminals of the APIS to assist them achieve certification status. This would consist of a program of study and continued practical application until a certification standard is attained. It should be noted that the higher the level of attainment seeked by the applicant, the more stringent would be the program to achieve certifications.

    After an individual receives certification, he or she is expected to uphold the standard attained by the correct application of knowledge and technology. The individual is also expected to embark upon a course to increase their knowledge base and ability and to further apply for accreditation of the next level at some appreciable time in the future.

    Using an accredited individual does not absolve a client from their own responsibilities. Each individual is responsible for their own case. Please read the Certification Terms & Conditions

    The certified practitioner is responsible for their own knowledge, understanding and application of the technology. APIS is not responsible for the application of the technology by any individual and or their results in the field.

    The certification process simply ratifies that the practitioner has been established as knowledgeable and capable in their application of the technology, not that they will continue to apply it to that standard.

    In the eventuality that a certified practitioner is found to misapply the technology for which they have been certified, they will be subject to corrective actions as deemed necessary by the assessor with such actions as cramming or possible retread. Refusal to be corrected and a continued violation of the trust imparted by certification will result in a board of Investigation which, if the findings indicate the charges are correct, may require that their certificates be revoked and this fact publicly announced.

    The APIS retains the perogative of denying any individual applicant the certification process if it believes they will not honor and uphold the stringent requirements of certification. No communication will be entered into regarding this matter.

    The certified practitioner is expected to uphold the Aims, Purposes, Constitution and Terms of agreement of certification. Any violation may be cause for certification to be revoked.

    Certification will not be easy. If it were anyone could apply and stick up a shingle but the guarantee of responsibility to uphold the purity of the philosophy and technology would be distinctly lacking.

    Certification is a trust. A responsibility. And one that is not bestowed lightly.

    Information on how to be certified can be obtained here.How to be Certified
    More about Technical Issues - Upper Levels Technical Issues
    For Certification Terms go to Certification Terms & Conditions
    The donations for certification are available here. Certification Donations
    To apply for Certification go to Certification Application.

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