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    APIS believes recognition for major contributions to the Freezone and the continued effort to expand the philosophy and technology of Lafayette Ron Hubbard is important as it, not only acknowledges the major contributors for the work they do, but it also encourages others to emulate those activities and so contribute to the expansion we are all working for.

    This does not make any less of the work that many fine people do, in and out of the IFA to help expand the philosophy and technology. We all do our part and many people work tirelessly and unannounced making important contributions to the effort to clear this planet.

    From now on, APIS will be looking to those APIS members and contributors it can bestow awards to.

    Such awards might include Special Commendations, even Power Condition awards and, in outstanding cases, Khan Khan awards.

    In some special occasions this can also include people outside of the APIS in which case the award will be an honorary one until such time as that individual becomes a member of APIS at which point it would be made permanent.

    If you feel there is someone deserving of an award you can advise the APIS Exec Council with full details including why you think they deserve an award, through the feedback page and it will be taken up at the next Council Meeting.

    Without further ado, here is the current list of awards.

    Highly Commended

    I would like to commend Roy for his unswerving suppport and dedication to the Technology.

    As well as providing excellent auditing as a certified auditor http://internationalfreezone.net/Roy-Selby.shtml

    Roy also provides invaluable support to the IFA in terms of guidance, suppoprt and back up. His stability, help and advice contribute in no small easure in keeping the IFA on the straight and narrow in todays turbulent world.

    Roy is truly a scientologist in every sense of the word and a person one can be proud to know.

    Michael Moore
    International Freezone Association

    Very Highly Commended

    Mark List

    Mark has retired from the IFA and now moved on to other areas of family and work.

    I would like to Very Highly Commend Mark for his continued support and dedication with the IFA since its inception.

    Mark joined the IFA in the very early days, seven years ago, and has been a stable terminal for people in the IFA. His unreasonable attitude and adherence to source has been the best example of a Scientologist in the true sense of the word.

    Marks work is very much appreciated and the IFA wishes him well in his future endeavours'.

    Michael Moore
    International Freezone Association Inc

    Very Highly Commended

    Titania Baklanova

    Titania is highly commended for her work on disseminating scientology to the Freezone and beyond.

    She has worked tirelessly on getting video interviews of scientologists out to the public and has produced well over 50 videos which are now available on YouTube.

    Titania disseminates at every opportunity and has a well laid out website updated regularly.

    Exec Council
    For the
    International Freezone Association.

    C O M M E N D A T I O N


    Mark List, OES IFA

    A lot of times the work behind the scenes is not seen and can go unacknowledged, even if not unrecognized. Mark, when he was Qual Sec IFA, put together a number of forms, such as the Certification Form, the WIAC Inspection Form, and others, and the routings for the particles on these forms. This also isn't to say he's not done a lot that is not behind the scenes. We've all seen the contributions Mark has made to standard tech and to the IFA. He's been instrumental in other areas as well, as any IFA member will know.

    Mark is also a zealot for standard tech, a true Class VIII auditor, as well as an OEC and DSEC graduate. He has a long and illustrious history of starting missions, of being on staff, of producing stellar products. On top of his work with IFA, he also runs a newspaper and still has time for family, acting in plays, and music.

    However, I want to acknowledge and commend him for his unwavering allegiance to LRH and to standard tech, to IFA and IFA's goals and purposes, and in seeing that there exists a vehicle we can all use to cross a better Bridge. Without Mark things would be a lot harder and the runway a lot longer.

    So thanks, Mark.

    With ARC
    Chris Black
    Class VIII C/S

    Highly Commended

    Victor Sandino Ruiz

    The IFA would like to Highly Commend Victor Sandino Ruiz for his positive and constructive activities in promoting the technology and the Freezone during a Anon demonstration in front of the Founding Church of Washington DC.

    Victor has his banner with him and, with his associate, Diogenes, showed his banners for all to see.

    Photos of his banners and signs are available at photos


    Victor did about 6 pinch test. about 10 stress tests and found about 10 peoples ruins. He gave an excellent demonstration of the e-meter and cleared up many Misunderstandings for many people.

    He spoke to the group demonstrating about the Freezone, about Scientology and how it is a tool and how the person using it can decide how they want to use it. He also mentioned that the Freezone is not in a games condition with the Church but is interested in delivering scientology as a more worthwhile game.

    To emphasis the point about the technology being acceptable to people he remarked, "You guys have NO IDEA how people LOVE the freezone." he concluded.

    Victor is Highly commended for his in ARC promotion of the Freezone and LRH's technology.

    Exec Council
    for the
    International Freezone Association

    Highly Commended

    Terril Park (aka BB)

    Terril Park is highly commended for his ongoing tireless efforts in bringing the Freezone and LRH technology to Anon and the world.

    Terril carries out a never ending campaign to enlighten the anon group on the basics of the philosophy and technology and seeks to help them separate the technology out from the official church management and their draconian policies.

    Despite being attacked on occasion and even banned from forums, Terril still continues to keep his TRs in and patiently and with compassion, pursue his work in bringing the philosophy and technology to anyone regardless of the consequences.

    He has attended anon demonstrations and actively put the Freezone there as an alternative for the church, talking to people and explaining what the freezone and the philosophy and technology are and how they can be used.

    Terril is to be highly commended and acknowledged for the outstanding work he has done.

    Exec Council
    for the
    International Freezone Association

    Very Highly Commended

    Marina IFA PES

    We would like to Very Highly Commend Marina for the tremendous amount of effective work she has been doing in the public division of the IFA as PES.

    Her efforts and dedication, as a PES, are making big contributions to the current expansion of the IFA both with regard to staff as well as new IFA Members.

    Our membership, under Marina's public division work, has increased by leaps and bounds and shows no signs of diminishing.

    Marina has also been instrumental in gaining new vital staff for the IFA, which again adds to the expansion of the IFA and subsequently the dissemination and promotion of the technology.

    Marina is truly a big asset to the IFA and we appreciate her very much.

    Exec Council
    For the
    International Freezone Association.

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