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  • Karen de la Carriere

    APIS Certified Auditor

    Karen de la Carriere

    Karen de la Carriere is an LRH trained Class XII.

    This entry is a historical account of experiences this person has received when working and or studying in the Church of Scientology and does not imply the delivery of any trademarked or copyright names services so listed.

    Karen de la Carriere is a spiritual counsellor and any spiritual counselling services offered by him/her are not services of Scientology and Dianetics nor those offered by the Church of Scientology International and the practitioner and are neither endorsed by, nor associated or affiliated with, the corporate company known as the Church of Spiritual Technology or its companies and churches such as the Religious Technology Centre, Church of Scientology International, or any other of its affiliates, corporations management organizations or groups and, in fact disavow any connection with that or any related organization.

    No promises or guarantees are made regarding any spiritual counselling given and no results are implied or guaranteed. The counselling being offered and received is of a spiritual nature only and everything is done on a "best effort basis." Any payment agreed upon and made is solely for compensation for the time of the spiritual guidance counsellor and not for any services or materials rendered.

    The spiritual counselling offered is based on the ideas of various philosophers and thinkers, including Lafayette Ron Hubbard.

    Who is Karen de la Carriere?

    In the early 1970s, Karen moved to St. Hill to start auditor training. She lived for 2 years at St. Hill UK doing all auditor courses and internships. Then, after the previous Power auditor returned to Australia, Karen was the only Power auditor around during days. At that time, prior to Dianetic Clear, everyone came up the Bridge through Power. Karen holds the world record for having audited some 2000 Power preclears./p>

    After graduating her Class VIII Internship Karen was encouraged by the LRH Personal Librarian, Ann Greig and the LRH Personal Secretary Irene Thrupp to visit the Apollo.

    Karen went to the Apollo as Public for auditing for 2 weeks and did not leave except to visit home from time to time. Instead she eventually became a crew member aboard the Apollo and became one of only 7 Class XII CSes ever made.

    At Flag a "Field Class VIII" had to prove themselves as a Flag Interned Class VIII, so Karen started back at the bottom again and did every internship at Flag all over again.

    She went on to pass her Class IX internship and then onto Class X, XII and XII C/S, graduating all the courses and internships. LRH himself signed all her certificates on the Apollo. Flag internships are gruelling. It is a 16 hour a day schedule, and passes are only given after consistent VWD at minimum 40 hours in the chair and Karen was one of the very few who got a pass on all her tapes by LRH.

    "... there are no absolutes in this universe, but a Flag auditor is an ABSOLUTE." LRH

    Karen Stated in an interview with APIS, "My folders went to LRH almost daily although David Mayo was my direct CS. In the internship room at 8:30am sharp after Roll Call with Jeff Walker the Intern Supervisor, we all studied the latest LRH C/Ses done the night before. Literally as these C/Ses rolled out, and ink barely dry, we studied the last session and how LRH C/sed the case." She went on, "Those were the days! I can state that my Apollo days were THE happiest, the most adventurous, the most challenging and exhilarating days of my life."

    In September 1975 the Apollo landed at Daytona. Karen stayed in a hotel until the Clearwater Fort Harrison was founded as the Flag Land Base In Clearwater, Florida.

    "From 1975 to 1979 I audited the Ls morning, noon and night. I was sent all over the world on the famous Flag World Tours, to give speeches on the Ls and tell my rare LRH anecdotes." she said. "I flew at the rate of one city a month and was sent to do major re- views of tough bogged cases or "failed cases" as a flub-catch. I did over 30 Sea Org Missions and attained and was graded AFFLUENCE for a huge majority of these missions."

    "In 1978 I Married Heber in the FSOP chapel. We were separated for a year, but in 1979, I traded posts with Ray Mithoff and became Senior CS CCLA which subsequently became CC INT."

    "In 1980 I went for NOTS training as both auditor and CS and trained up to Class XII CS, c/sing the LS. At the peak, we had some 19 Ls auditors (and 30 years later only 9 Ls auditors exist!) I have also audited, CSed and SOLO'd thousands of hours of NOTS. Then from 1982 to 1987 I worked at OSA which was the new name for the old Guardian's office."

    Karen added as a final note, "After 6 months of hell at INT BASE, courtesy of Miscavige, I was sent to audit NOTS at AOLA and routed out of the Sea Org in 1990. Like many, I paid cash for every single course, every single Auditor internship, and every single CS internship by way of a fully paid freeloader bill for the above courses."

    You can contact Karen de la Carriere at KARENDELAC@aol.com to find out more. Place the word AUDITOR in the subject field

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